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The Dolan Forest, Realm of the Yildae


The entirety of the forest falls within the kingdom of the Yildae and is separated from the rest of the human kingdoms of the world by the dangerous expanse of wastelands to the north. On the mainland there are four domains, each with their own city and archnoble who reports to the queen who sits on the throne in Yildasa.



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Yildasa is the gem of the Yildae. The streets are ordered and clean, and every citizen seems to live quite comfortably. There are any number of stores to accommodate any wants or needs a citizen might have, and the palace rises to the north of the main city with it's ivory towers and gleaming embelishments. Yes Yildasa is a paradise for Yildae.

Looking closer one will begin to see the cracks in Yildasa's facade. Only those of high-born status live in the city, and their retinue of servants and slaves. No one is homeless because everyone is owned or employed by those who are obligated to shelter them. The streets are clean because all residents are required to volunteer some of their staff to maintaining cleanliness in the city. Shops carry goods and provide services that aren't available anywhere else in the kingdom because it is the only place that wealth has accumulated in the kingdom.

The Great Palace


More resplendant than any other building in the whole of the Dolan Forest, the Great Palace towers over the city and casts it's shadow on every citizen. None are completely free to do as they like as everything that happens within the city is dictated by the queen. She oversees and legislates every aspect of the city along with her other duties. Those who live in Yildasa were invited because of their status, their wealth, and/or their heroic deeds. The queen likes to keep her most powerful supporters close, and her enemies even closer.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

The Sacred Isles


Beyond Yildasa are the Sacred Isles. This chain of islands is mostly connected by a series of lavish bridges and the place of a holy pilgrimage performed by the crown princesses of the Yildae. Each bridge is engraved with runes that send alerts to the palace should someone unauthorized try crossing. Citizens found trying to explore the islands or venture across the bridges are swiftly dealt with by the crown, often in secret.

It is this pilgimage and the blessings received along the way that lend legitimacy to the rule of the queens of the Yildae and it is thought that these blessings also expand and amplify the queens' powers.

Rulers of the Yildae

The rulers of the Yildae have historically been the wildcat family. No one knows quite when it was decided, but both historic and recent records show that the cat family of the Yildae clans has a penchant for creating powerful leaders. The family is seen as cunning, patient, ruthless, and tactful. While different branches have been in power at different times, the crown has never been claimed by any other clan.

Records are also unclear when the systems switched from the first born automatically inheriting the throne to a strictly matrilinial system. These days the heir is determined by the queen who may choose between either her own daughters or neices. It is theorized this system came to pass after a messy succession war in which the legitimacy of a king's child was called into question, and a few instances where the first born was not suited to the job of ruler and nearly destroyed the kingdom.


While many other clans within the Yildae overlook those in their family who fall in love with and choose to bear children with humans, the royal line is strict and swift with it's choice to exterminate any who waver from keeping their bloodlines pure and completely Yildae. All efforts are made to find and kill Haldae children of these unions. If any other clan has issue with this royal policy they are quiet about it, and wise to keep their opinions to themselves.

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