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Stewards of the Land

The fist people of Costrus were the yildae. Born through magic from the animals that roamed before any people existed. They are the first to inhabit Costrus and spent much of their early history segregated by their respective clans and living amongst the animals in their domain.

Every yildae has the innate ability to shapeshift into their clan's animal, only an yildae will turn themself into a larger version of that species. This was one of the reasons humans hunted them in the early days of settling in Costrus.


When not in their animal forms the yildae resemble humans, but differ in key ways. While their height is highly variable like humans, their eyes are rich jewel tones and some will retain their animal counterpart's eye shape, or their faces will subtly refelct their animal clan. Yildae also have varied hair colours that are influenced by their animal form as well. Stripes, dapples, and brindle patterns are all normal amongst the yildae, as well as colours that range from white, gold, brown, black, silver, blue, green, and some yildae of bird clans even have feathers mixed into their hair. However the greatest departure from the human form is the long, pointed shape of the yildae's ears.

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Oral Traditions

The history of the yildae is passed down through stories and songs that are celebrated in an annual festival. The Festival of Song was started following the battle in which the yildae stood against humans in their first coordinated military conflict. Stories of this first battle have even been adapted for children to enjoy during the festivities.

Politics and Religion

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The Mighty Leader of the Yildae, Queen of Dolan Forest, The Silver Panther, Queen Sirana Yildasa

Religion is not much of a topic for the yildae. The world is as it is meant to be and if it is governed by anything it would be nature itself. It is following this natural rule that the cat clans have established themselves as leaders and queens over the yildae. It is beleived that their historic ability to gather the clans and use strategy to overcome the human threat, thus making them natural leaders among the clans.

The Clans

The clans of the yildae are broken into two major groups and split further into subgroups from there. Predators are largely considered more noble than the more common prey clans. The only exception to this general rule is the horse clan. Horses were seen as fierce warriors in the battles against humans, able to both divert the humans' resources by leading great herds of horses away from them, and ride into battle alongside the predators.


Predator clans include cats, wolves and dogs, falcons and eagles, badgers, weasels, etc. These clans are viewed in a clear hierarchy of importance. Cats sit at the top while the rest are ranked by size and power. Thus, apex predators such as wolves and eagles enjoy higher rankings than mid-level predatory species such as badgers.


Commoners in the eyes of the yildae but no less important to the everyday affairs in the Dolan Forest. These are the rabbits, mice, deer, songbirds, etc. They are more numurous and make up the bulk of the population in the kingdom.

Marriage and Mating

Marriages are generally kept within a clan, or at least similar species. So while not common, it can happen that an eagle and a songbird may marry. In these mixed pairs there is a chance that the offspring will favour one side or the other, and in rare cases hybrids are created. When this happens the subsequent child is classified as one or the other depending on the dominant characteristics inherited.

Hybrids Today

While it is of little consequence if a hybrid is found in a prey clan, it becomes muddled when nobility is involved. Hybrid offspring are considered less important or pure than a child who fits the clan ideal more. Unless a hybrid heir can prove that they are a better choice, a more 'pure' heir will usually be chosen.

Many hybrids opt out of inheriting noble titles or lands. They see it as more work than it's worth, although there are always exceptions to the rule and some hybrid children feel compelled to prove their worth to their clans and families.

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Notable Yildae

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Queen Renna Yildasa the Great Golden Tiger, first queen of the yildae. She solidified the position of the cat clans as great leaders and royalty through the first coordinated miltary action against the human forces, known as The Yildae Stand.



The yildae clans make their home in the south, claiming the Dolan Forest as their entire domain. While it is much diminished from the great freedoms they enjoyed in their early history the yildae are content to be limited as they are also cut off from humans who they view as beneath them.

The capital city of Yildasa lies to the east on one of the eastern isles. Beyond this island are the gilded bridges, an important location for the royal cat clans.

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Half human, and half yildae. The Haldae were once a rare occurance in the world but this mix between the two species has become a popular source of free labour on all sides of the borders in Costrus. While they still have no freedom in the Dolan Forest, haldae are treated with more dignity, and given a better quality of life. They live much longer lives in the service of yildae masters, but many still choose to run away and seek a life free from slavery.


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