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The Silver Ladies


Silverkeep welcomes travellers and merchants with their statues. Stratigically placed to signal the final day of travel before reaching the gates of the city, these solid silver statues are a wonder to behold. Standing 20feet tall with an arm outstretched holding a flame, their hair and dresses billow in a breeze as they look to the gleaming city in the distance.

The flames on these large statues are maintained annually in a ceremony led by the Court Mages while their apprentices learn how to perform the runes and required alchemy to ensure success. Only once was it recorded that the flames went out and it coincided with a poor harvest all across Argentia. The citizens have become a little superstitious about the event now.

by Mars

Goddess of Roads

The statues are thought to represent a guardian deity of travel and roads. Smaller versions of the great statues can be found pointing the way towards the capital at crossroads. Merchants of Argentia will often carry small pendants with the statue's image embossed on them to bring luck and safety on the road.

Magic Origins

The statues never seem to tarnish and they turn to stone and revive themselves as Argentia's borders have changed. Attempts to steal the smaller statues have caused some serious injuries and now it is only attempted by the truly desperate.

Lost History

The origins of the likeness of the statues is long forgotten and most assume the statues were designed by a mage who had a spiritual awakening. Stories tell of a mage who was visited by a goddess who inspired him to erect the statues and channel her divine protection.

The truth is much sadder. The first Court Mage of Argentia fell in love with, Anita, Azarel's Court Mage who helped him take Dahreel and assert himself as the new king of Hiberton. The Argentian mage admired Anita's voracious appatite for knowledge and her intense approach to magic studies. When a spell went terribly wrong, resulting in The Birth of Lake Ransa, the Argentian mage decided to immortalize Anita in these statues, an expression of his love that was never allowed to grow. No one knew his true purpose or the muse for the designs, and the poor mage died broken hearted taking his secret love to the grave.


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Aug 14, 2023 02:26 by Dani

Oh no, such a tragic story of unrequited love! As soon as I saw 20 foot tall SILVER I wondered who was the unlucky folk who got to keep that from tarnishing lol :) Magic? Part of the design's work? Whatever it may be, it's a cool symbol to welcome people to the city and incorporate in local traditions like keeping those flames alight. The art came out so pretty, what a great commission! <3

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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