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Staelies Fox

The Glowing Foxes

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

Staelies Foxes are also commonly called stellar foxes, stellas foxes, or star foxes. These names not only sound similar to it's official name but reflect the nature of these elussive creatures. They live out in The Wastelands and are believed to have been affected by the mana that soaks the area and transformed it into the seemingly lifeless place it is today. Staelies Foxes have adapted to glow in different patterns and create luminecent trails in the sand, beyond this very little is known about this secretive fox. It is speculated that these foxes can also conjure small lights that look like stars around them to light their way on the darkest nights in the desert. These speculations are founded in the mad rambling notes of the few researchers who have made it back to civilization alive, albeit forever changed by their experiences. There are also theories that the foxes caused the madness in the researchers, however it is still being argued among scholars whether the madness might have been caused by the Wastelands themselves instead of the foxes, or yet still other theories place the blame on unknown species from the desert.

Desert Dweller

Prior to sightings of these foxes it was thought that no life could exist in the Wastelands. Since several members of this species have been seen it has led to the now popular theory that there is an entire ecosystem dependant on the magic that sustains the Wastelands. Efforts to study this theory further have ended in tragedy, or madness for those brave enough to head out onto the dunes to track the foxes.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
Wish Upon a Star

Once upon a time,
a star fell on a dune.
Sing a little rhym,
and dance to the tune.
Fox's tails will swish,
then you make your wish.

— Children's Rhyme
by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
Popular Stories

In communities and small villages that are close to the Wastelands, the staelies fox has become central in many children's tales and songs. They feature as magical creatures that guide or grant wishes to good children and punish wicked ones. Depictions of these foxes usually have it's lips curled up in a slight smile, this smile can be made to look benevolent or sly and cruel depending on the stories being told. It is rumoured that if you see a staelies fox on the edges of the Wastelands you will be granted good fortune for a full year.


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Aug 9, 2023 14:30 by E. Christopher Clark

The whole thing is great, but my favorite part is probably the story that's hinted at in the "Desert Dweller" section. I love the notion of "an entire ecosystem dependant on the magic that sustains the Wastelands."

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Indicator species are a great way to hint at life without really having to do too much deep diving into it. Glad you enjoyed the read. :)