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Seahogs are often described as cute and cuddly by those who see them for the first time. This small critter is not a strong swimmer and prefers the tidal pools close to shore. They are known to come ashore and toddle on land for several hours as well. Most of the nuance of their behaviours are ignored due to the fact that they are largely considered a pest.

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On their dryland outtings, seahogs are notorious for putting almost anything in their mouths. They will chew a fishing net as quickly as eat a fish. This puts a strain on their relationship with the humans in coastal settlements. There is always an exception to the rule, as in Rockrun the seahogs are mostly protected as a tourism draw. Many wealthy families make summer trips to the sea to entatain themselves with the antics of these little creatures, leaving a trail of coin that none in the city are willing to pass up.

Three nets in as many days. These damned seahogs are gonna be the death of me Marie.
— A frustrated fisherman
But Papa, what do they feel like? They look quite spikey but in the water they seem soft to touch.
— Curious nobleman's child
Textures of Seahogs

Not many pick up the seahogs, but if you did you'd be in for a treat. Their quills aren't sharp at all, and are instead quite slimy. Holding them isn't a pleasant experience for most and many will only ever hold them once and warn everyone they know against the activity.

This slime on their quills is a defense mechanism and helps them slip through nets, avoid being picked up, and keep from getting stuck in their rocky habitat. There were a few accounts of an eccentric mage who dedicated most of his life to studying these fascinating animals. Unfortunately, not many other mages find his research helpful or interesting enough to learn today.


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