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City By The Sea

Rockrun is a beautiful seaside city at the edge of Costrus, and the Argentian kingdom complete with a large castle for the local nobility to live and entertain. It is surrounded by well appointed villas for wealthy merchants and their servants as well as stunning ocean views. At night, the port city is lit with thousands of lanturns and people stroll along the city's cliff to take in the wide, sweeping vistas. Low railings along the cliff's edge and a standing guard along it's length help keep people safe from the fall. It isn't unheard of for nobles or merchants to fall though, and almost no one investigates these tragic accidents.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

The Darker Corners

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

While drink and coin flow in the noble quarter, beyond the palace and lanturn lights, is the old quarter. The oldest corner of Rockrun and the place where most inhabitants live. Sailors put into port here and large markets bustle with fresh caught fish, and items brought in on shipments. The people are generally happy to be left alone by the nobility, and the nobility obliges, so long as it doesn't affect them directly, by overlooking illicit trading, crime, and even murder. Many of the buildings here are half crumbling with wood patched in to keep homes safe from the elements, and these temporary fixes have largely remained permanent solutions.

Shhh, come here, you say you're looking for something special? I know just the merchant for you.
— A shady character in a dark ally
Our family travels all the way to Rockrun every year to visit my cousins and take in the sea air. It's much nicer there than stuffy old Silverkeep. I wish we could live there all the time, but father would simply be too missed by the king.
— A pretentious young noble
My uncle died in Rockrun last year, fell off the cliff promonade. Yes it was terrible when we heard the news and I don't know how I managed to take over his lands through my overwhelming grief.
— A clearly innocent new noble


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