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Onyx Valley Ruins

Onyx Valley

The Onyx Valley is located south of the Helmfirth Mines, surrpunded by mountains and forests. It is filled with grave thistles which leads most to believe rhe clearing was once the site of either a great battle or a great disaster. In the center of the valley's clearing rises the crumbled remains of a city. These ruins have looked the same for as long as anyone can remember, never seeming to get any older than they already are. Ghost stories have started to circulate about the dark buildings.

The Ruins

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

South of the Helmfirth Mine and surrounded by mountains and forests rests an ancient and crumling set of ruins. They are not unlike the rest of the ruins that dot Costrus at first glance. Wild untamed land surrounds the dilapidated pillars and walls, and no regular citizens have any reason to approach these ruins close enough to see what sets them apart.

Wild animals roam the area and strange creatures are seen from a distance by villagers, further inspiring them to stay away.


A small group of haldae have made these ruins their home. They live outside the rules of the kingdom of Argentia and instead govern themselves. While there is a loose hierarchy based on seniority, no single leader has emerged or declared themself as an official leader of the rebellion.

Due to the small number of haldae living here currently, less than 150, there hasn't been a need for formal leadership. However, as more and more people are rescued from the Helmfirth Mines this could change.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
The Drop In

At the center of the ruins is a large hole that descends down to ancient tunnels that have been restored and supported. These are the tunnels used to rescue people from the Helmfirth Mines. Mana powered mine carts make travel to and from the mines possible, travelling from the ruins under the mountains to an intersecting section of tunnels.

The Drop In is well fenced and signed as a hazard. Lifts powered by mana are available for use and the haldae who call this valley home are all taught how to use simple alchemy and the abundant grave thistles to create the fuel for these lifts. While haldae are hesitant to use the lifts for the first time, most people adapt quickly. Horses were not so flexible and adaptable which necessitated the creation of the self propelling carts.

We have no laws here. No kings or queens, no masters or slaves. We live where those things cannot reach us anymore.
— Marsin, mine cart driver and resident

They say ghosts live in the ruins. Do you think ghosts need laws?
— An older resident to a new resident
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