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For the Pursuit of Knowledge


Both Free Mages and Court Mages are expected to do some kind of travel to help them expand their knowledge and abilities. Court Mage apprentices are usually sent out on journeys around their kingdom to get to know the people and learn about the local environment, while Free Mages roam endlessly across the land and ignore borders. They may meet on another and begrudgingly exchange notes on plants and animals in the area and occasionally squabble about the philosophy of magic and politics. More often than not a court mage apprentice is enticed by the roving life of free mages who are unbound by politics and truly free to pursue magic and test theories.



One of the most important sections of a mage's tome is the one on plants. There are a great number of useful plants, and more are being discovered all the time. From the incredibly rare, like the Fabiana Flores to the more common, like grave thistles, most mages aim to see plants in their natural habitat. In that habitat mages are able to make general calculations about the levels of mana in a given area, and determine where best to source their materials for alchemical experiments.

I ran across a free mage on my travels, she was bragging about a secret location for the fabiana flores. Honestly, I don't think I believe her, she didn't really seem to have a strong grasp on her botony.
— A court mage apprentice to their magus
Botony is just a really good excuse to get out in the world and explore. Plants are pretty stationary, which means travelling to see them.
— A free mage, living their best life


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