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Helmfirth Mines

Despair Awaits

The Helmfirth Mines are the main source of iron for Argentia. It is worked around the clock and searches for new iron veins are always ongoing. It is primarly worked by haldae slave labour, with Argentian supervision. Occasionally a criminal or two are sentanced to work the mines as the haldae do as punishment. It is a rough environment for the supervisors but a truly terrible exsistance for those working down underground. Some will go weeks without seeing the sun, many are worked to death, food is scarce, and there is no compasion from their jailers.

Missing Workers

While it is expect for the Helmfirth Mine to lose some haldae to work related death, and them taking their own lives to escape the conditions, there have been some unexplained disappearances. These missing workers were largely ignored as the number was low, and it was infrequent. Recently the number of haldae going missing from the mines has increased and matched reports across the kingdom of haldae servants and slaves going missing in larger and larger numbers. The losses have spurred the kingdom to action and suspicion of a secret rebellion brewing. This has helped lead to the Argentian Proclamation outlining how citizens should respond to this threat.


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