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Haldae Resistance

Views of the Kingdom

The Argentian Kingdom views the recent increase of runaway slaves and escaped slaves as a threat to their stability as a nation. They have classified the runaways as a dangerous group that is attempting to overthrow the king and threaten the safety of it's citizens. A proclamation has been issued, going so far as to reward citizens for returning runaways or reporting sightings of escaped haldae.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney


by RandoScorpio via MidJourney

In truth, the haldae who have freed themselves from slavery to the kingdom of Argentia do not view themselves as a rebel or militant group. They are not recruiting so much as rescuing other haldae people. For these rescues there is a need for some organization and communication.

Haldae Coordinator Pins are used by members to communicate over vast distances to coordinate pick ups and travel across Costrus to safe havens and larger settlements. Glyphs help slaves to communicate silently on their journey to these safe havens and communities. In some places, such as the Onyx Valley Ruins, more drastic measures have been taken. In this location mana powered mine carts are used to actively rescue slaves from Helmfirth.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
They belong in our mines, helping our economy. Not off in the wilderness free to take our children and burn our villages. Of course I'd report a runaway as soon as possible!
— Outraged woman at market
"It seems a little wrong to me, they're people not animals." One person says before taking a drink.
"Aye, but they're more animal than person compared to you or me. Even the yildae seem to hate them." Comes the reply.
— Argentian conversation at a pub

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
"You mean you aren't some dangerous rebel group hell bent on reshaping the world?" Brielle Aramys asks.
"No. We aren't." MC answers.
"Well you should be. You have more reason to start a war and burn the world down than anyone else I've ever met who wanted to."
— A spark of rebellion

Notable Members
We aren't a rebellion, not for lack of cause, but for lack of strong leadership. We have the strength to stand against every established kingdom. Without a leader to direct our efforts we'd be slaughtered and re-enslaved. Who me? No way, I just drive the carts.
— Marsin the cart driver of Onyx Valley


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