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Haldae Glyphs

Hidden Symbols

In order to organise themselves while scattered across Costrus the haldae have developed a simple system of glyphs to indicate general information. Each glyph is unique but modeled to be inconspicuous and can be sketched in the dirt with a stick and quickly wiped away, or carved in slave quarters to communicate across the generations.

Learning Glyphs

No one is quite sure where the glyphs came from but they are taught as soon as a slave comes across someone who doesn't know what they are. The importance of secrecy is impressed on all who learn the glyphs, as the simple system could be used by the merchants or kingdoms to track down haldae safe houses and ambush pick ups. There have been no instances of any haldae breaking this covenant and even some records of haldae taking their own lives rather than be interrogated about how they have been coordinating escapes and rescues all these years.

Haldae use simple glyphs to communicate their allegence with the rebellion signifies their willingness to get others out of slavery glyphs are left by some slaves to mark that they were in the area a silent way to coordinate escapes born out of necessity and now used for open communication infront of everyday citizens and guards without being noticed.

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Common Glyphs and Their Meanings

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Safe Haven. Reserved for the few strongholds around Costrus located in the abandoned ruins scattered across the continent. This glyph is often hidden from direct sight and some are even obscured by magic, only able to be seen by those with access to the correct runes to be able to see it such as at the Onyx Valley Ruins.

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Designated Pickup Location. This symbol indicates that someone will arrive on a designated schedule to pick up escapees and runaways to take them to a safe location. It is ofent accompanied with a glyph that will indicate the phase of the moon to expect pickup on.

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Unsafe/Distress. When this glyph appears with another seemingly safe glyph it takes priority, indicating that a location has been compromised in some way. When it is found either outside a residence that employs slaves, or in the slave quarters it is a warning that the masters are cruel in some way, and the haldae within are in distress.

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Head Count. The number of lines at the bottom of this glyph will indicate how many haldae are in a given a location. Larger more complex glyphs are used in larger safe havens as required.


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