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The City by the Marsh


Greymarsh is unique in that it is right next to a marsh. Even on the other side of the marsh, the next town has space between itself and the start of the boggy terrain. But, the city by the marsh also boasts itself to be one of the oldest settlements in Argentia, and among the oldest of human cities.

Many families from Greymarsh will happily boast about their family's lineage as one of the first to arrive in Costrus. The only human settlement older than Greymarsh is Rockrun, the port that human's arrived in.


Before the Marshes


What came first, the city or the marsh? This is an easy question to answer: the city came first. It was known as Greykeep and was a defensive settlement and a rest point between Rockrun and a small castle town at the centre of what is now the marsh. Looking at the base of some of the houses in Greymarsh will reveal old stone construction that has been sinking into the soft ground for hundreds of years.

Stone was abandoned after the accident that created the marsh and now homes and buildings are made from wood. Most houses look like patchworks of old weathered wood planks and newly milled boards as they are only repaired as needed by the people who choose to spend their money and time elsewhere.

Food In the Marsh

Greymarsh cuisine is...unique. Given that most people live off the land and there are strange creatures within the marshes to use as foodstuffs. It is widely known that these food items are an acquired taste and very few people rave about the food from their time visiting the city.

Have you been to Greymarsh yet? No? Oh, you're in for a treat! The city is old and the buildings look rundown, but it's the food that will shock you most. I hope you've got an iron stomach, but it's worth it for the rare plants out on the moors.
— One mage to another, passing on the road


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