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Festival of Song

History Beneath Summer Skies


The Festival of Song began as an yildae tradition to pass the songs and stories down through the ages. What used to be a private ceremony amongst clan storytellers has grown and become a week long celebration of history and culture in the Dolan Forest. Songs, stories, tapestries, dance, and food are all shared with everyone now. Each city will have its own celebrations, and some yildae will travel through them to experience as much as they can, but the real party is in Yildasa.

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Yildasa's Songs


Yildasa's streets will be alive with song and dance for the entire week of the festival, and most yildae will attempt to experience the Festival of Song in the capital at least once in their lifetime. However, the weeks leading up to the public festival are still reserved for the dedicated historians and storytellers to choose successors, pass important stories along, and record the year's events. The storytellers from every yildae clan gather and weave their songs, stories, and tapestries together in the capital before taking them back to their clans.

The First Songs


The very first songs are all but lost, muddled and broken by time they have been pieced together as myths and legends. How the yildae came to be, and their very first origins has been lost in this record, but stories tell of them emerging from wild animal packs to be leaders of the natural world. Although, there are those who hold that the yildae were always what they were and meant to be rulers of Costrus from the very beginning.

When Humans Came


The songs and stories about humans are steeped in conflict. The most popular of these stories is The Yildae Stand, a story that explains one of the greatest victories against the human armies. This story's importance is solidified by the fact it is commonly simplified and told as a children's tale.


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