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Argentian Proclamation

In the name of the king,

All citizens are to report the species of all their haldae slaves for registration. Failure to declair your slaves will result in seizure by the crown at the expense of the citizen. Should your haldae worker be found to be a prohibited species recompence shall be paid up to 2 silver pieces for the seizure.

Harbouring haldae for any purpose other than as slave labour shall be punishable by death. Failure to report escaped or missing slaves is punishable by death. Callouding with or otherwise associating with the growing haldae menace and rebellion shall be punishable by death.

Reports of suspicious behaviour or other valueable information may be eligible for a reward up to 1 gold piece.

This message shall be read by every town crier once per week to ensure full compliance with the law. Lords shall conduct the census of haldae slave labour quarterly, but be available for reports of runaways and escapees.

Haldae Menace

Rumours of an underground movement of free haldae have begun circulating through the kingdom. Unhappy with the unrest the king has sent out this proclamation in an effort to quell the rebellion he fears is brewing. More soldiers have been noticed moving through the countryside and even going so far as to get close to ruins, despite the risks.

Prior to issuing this missive runaways were beginning to happen at an alarming rate, but this trend has slowed down considerably. The only place things seem to continue to get worse is at Helmfirth Mine. Disappearances of slaves from the mines have been on the rise even though security has tightened, slaves go into the tunnels and seem to vanish into the darkness. Inspections of the tunnels haven't turned up any leads so far.

by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
by RandoScorpio via MidJourney
Do your duty to the crown and help quell the dangerous uprising of haldae!
— Town Crier adlibbing
The Haldae Response

Running away was an option before the proclamation. Now, haldae slaves have begun circulating information amongst themselves in the form of glyphs. Communicating the towns and haldae most in need, and where runaways should seek shelter to stay hidden. Safe houses are scattered across Costrus, but the absolute safest option is to sit tight and wait for The Mage to come and take you away in the dead of night.


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