Order of St. Joan

The Order of St. Joan is a division of the Society of Leopold. In contrast to other divisions, it is, in fact, its own Order that has been integrated into the Society for their knowledge of the supernatural.  


The Order has refused repeatedly to join with the full force of the Inquisition, which has earned it the ire of the Office of Censors, who carefully monitor it. The Order recognizes the authority of the Society and the Inquisitor-General, but maintains its own hierarchy. Members of the Order may work within standard Society Cenacula, but they rarely rise about the position of Inquisitor Councilor. None are ever promoted within the Society to the rank of Abbé or above. The Order maintains its own Cenacula, called Convents.   The Order is led by the Abbess of Chartre, who presides over the Convent of Chartre, the headquarter of the Order. The Order's Convents do not welcome men, including Inquisitors, anywhere beyond specified guest areas. None of the Order's members who have worked within the Society's ranks ever show evidence of Theurgic study, but there are some rumors that the Convent of Chartres has a number of powerful Theurgists in its midst. There are many rumors about the elusive Order, and none have yet to be proven.   The rise of Inquisitor-General Bauer has strained the relations. The Censors submitted a list of members from the Order who were to report to Rome for questioning. The Order never complied, Convents have closed their doors, and all communication from Chartres has ceased. There are rumors that Inquisitor-General Bauer and the Abbess of Chartres have some sort of personal quarrel between them. Inquisitors of the world over wearily wait to see what will happen next.



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