Cimmerian Shade A World of Darkness and Steampunk Fusion

952 AD

a World of Darkness and Steampunk fusion.

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Welcome to our World of Darkness Discord game.
This world starts its timeline during Dark Medieval era and continues
into a steampunk influenced future

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Once you are logged in you will be prompted to choose your species.
Your selection will display content in the world based on the species' perspective overall perspective. If you are a player in the world some other secrets can open to you as you learn more!

This is a player driven world that is divergent from the classic World of Darkness. Rest to 900 before the convention of thorns and Technology unfolding such as you would find in Steampunk, much is changing in the world. Some of the original story arch do remain and are active in the world. Such as Mithras building a new empire in britian after the fall of Rome, He even still hates Tremere and battles for power against the toreador. However other sects and personalities have emerged and the world is extended

The world has a number of noticeable differences and diverges from our modern world. There are new sects in the world, some are very unusual. We have changed some of the core lineages and, added some new clans and revitalized some old ones. Mages, Lycanthropes, Vampires, and Demons.

This is the player's world, it is their story to tell
Will you come enjoy it with them?

— -World Builder and GMs


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British Isles
The British Isles are a crossroads for both the Mortals and supernatural worlds. Their long history of invasion and integration has led to the presence of many different groups of people and conflicts between stretching far back into history.   The history of Kindred in the British Isles is dominated, both politically and psychologically, by the Baronies of Avalon. These domains were separated into fiefs in the Dark Medieval, ruled over by the Fief of London which was, even then, the domain of the fabled Mithras.
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