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Summer Camp Reading challenge 2023

Well, first of all, Oh my god! Summer Camp was freaking awesome! I had so, so much fun writing my responses to the different prompts and reading other people's articles. It really is such a good source of inspiration and motivation. Speaking of, Likes and Comments are good at giving motivation too, and i received my first like and comment during this Summer Camp. These helped me stay motivated enough to write 34 articles!!!, and while most of them will need loads of corrections and "linkage" i am still proud of myself to have acheived DIAMOND during my first Summer Camp. Little known fact, i actualy started writting for SC on the 3rd of july, which is why i didnt do a pleadge documents. But thats no problem ill do one next year, as ill definetly be participation in Summer Camp '24.   I want to give thanks to Qurilion for giving me my first ever like on my article on the Kingdom of Nan-Tao. Also big thanks to everyone else who liked my work. It really means a lot ­<3   Also also, thank you to Valcin , Enoris.leinwand and Deleyna for your comments, which were all very encouraging. Thank you <3  

A destructive natural or Supernatural Event:

  1- Dust Surge: What i really like about this one is the concept of "dust geysers" and hot spots that are indistinguishable from its surroundings. This article reminded me that in my world, i could do more crazy stuff with weather and climate and that i didn't have to stick to earth-like environment all the time.   2- The Howling : This article's description of everything that happens when the phenomena is approaching is very cool. You can really imagine just how chaotic life would become in those times. I like that its based on a gradual disturbance of the equilibrium between order and chaos.   2- Rifts : I love the way this one is written. The narrator has personality, and is a bit sassy, which i like a lot. I love the description of one entering the rift that ends in a "unless you're into that sort of thing". Well people are weird and i would be willing to bet that at least one people would find their bodies being crushed and stretch enjoyable. The article itself is short but sweet.  

A "Negative" Condition that has hidden Advantages:

1- A partial failure or a thymalladus implant : This whole world is really well written with a original premise and this article is a good example of it. I have a love-hate relationship with body horror On the one hand, i like horror, but on the other, i really find body-horror icky. This condition is both fascinating and disgusting and i love it! This give me ideas as to how to better integrate horror elements in my world.   2- Arcanis-Touched Really like the concept of people getting special powers via a possession or infection. I also like the fact that these arcanis-touched people have to be trained early to be able to keep at bay the beasts trying to possess them. Really cool little article!   3- Echos I like this article because the descriptions of the condition is very cool and unique. A soul that departs the physicaly world, leaving a hole behind that is filled with power, forming an Echo. Its very unique and well described. I like that these Echoes can feel their absence of soul in them and it changes their original personalities.  

An unclaimed, unregulated or lawless region of your setting:

  1- Northern Steppe : I love the concept of a faraway place like this and this article perfectly scratches that itch. It makes me want to write more about the loads of faraway lands that i have in my own setting.   2- The Northland wilds : The Description of the region in the article makes me want to visit it so badly. I love cold and snowy environments both in real life and in fantasy. Even tho being canadian, ive seen snow all my life and i know how hard it can get to deal with lots of it, every year, seeing the first snows brings a smile to my face. Well, appart from my very obvious positive bias towards anything snowy, the article is well written and got me intrigued in the rest of the world.   3-Northern Wastes - the dead continent : A isolated and cold land that was the site of a large magic-induced catastrophe with a small hardy community of people serving as guides to people trying to figure out the past of the land. Thats just a really cool concept. Love it!  

The future of Hysal

Hysal is a very vast world. It literaly covers most of a Earth-sized planet and as such, it is in dire need of a map so that people can more easely locate where everything is. So....   Expect a Map featuring the world of Hysal to come out soon!   As for articles, until November, i will be focusing on articles related to the book settings aswell as reviewing and correcting most SC articles.   In November, i plan on starting the writting of the first book of the series Chronicles of Hysal. I dont have a definite timeline of releasing it as a Manuscript, but probably around Winter 2024.       Well thats about it! Here's a list of Summer camp articles im most proud of:


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Aug 26, 2023 21:40 by Tlcassis Polgara | Arrhynsia

Thanks for the call out! I'm very glad you liked the Northern Wastes. I look forward to seeing updates to your world as you work on it!

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Aug 26, 2023 21:51 by Ephraïm Boateng

No problem! and thanks for the like and follow!

Aug 28, 2023 02:22 by Stormbril

I am so happy/sorry to evoke such a response with some body horror! xD   But really I'm super honored to be picked out and showcased on your reading challenge like this -- thank you so much! <3   World maps are an incredible project to undertake, and they're always such a joy when complete. The best of luck to you and your soon to be completed map!

Aug 28, 2023 03:26 by Ephraïm Boateng

The pleasure is all mine and thanks for your words of encouragement in regards to my world map project. <3