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Shadow Daughters

It is daunting... Knowing the things I know, surviving my father's madness only to succumb to my own. Why? Is that the destiny of our great house? Of our great nation? To fall to madness slowly?   The nights came and with it the visits from hollowing eyes that never seemed to accompany a body. It mattered not if I was scared or angry, my exhaustion - or perhaps something also of supernatural origins - would restrain me as those eyes watched moments before unconsciousness finally claimed my mind. Is this my destiny? To take my father's throne, his nation and his madness?   As I write this I am not too sure... I am not sure of much of anything anymore. It has been too many nights of restless sleep, as how could I rest calmly when those hollowing eyes keep watch over me and I know not what they are or what it means. Am I to go mad like my father? What curse has befallen us so that these eyes keep watch over me and I am not allowed rest? What evils have my ancestors cast upon this land that it is so?   I know not, but I do hope to survive it. I do hope to understand it. And get rid of it.
— King Heralthus II, circa 300 CE
  The mysterious followers of the Dark Lord are perhaps the most feared and revered group of worshippers in the Lumiere World, known for their capabilities and devotion, the Shadows have existed for longer than one can correctly ascertain.   Works from ancient times, be it fiction or alleged biographies, tell of the First Daughters been brought to existence around the time the First Mortals started speaking and protective spells were cast on the Material Plane to prevent large scale transit from other planes.   Created by Dominus Umbrosus, these entities appear to first have come from the Shadow Plane, like their master. The truth of how they come to serve their deity and their mission is still hardly, if ever, disclose to others.  


For reason, perhaps, of the powers the Shadows possess, they often work in subterfuge but are not inadequate fighters. In fact, despite being patient in the execution of their missions, they are considered to be as able or even better in combat than the knights of the Light Sire or the Warhog.

Public Agenda

The only sort of knowledge about the Shadow's mission is that of maintaining the others safe - weak or strong, mortal or deity. If there is any separation of what qualify as an ally or enemy, that is not common knowledge.


While proof has not been give, some believe that Shadow Daughters and the First Daughters  are the same or linked in more than just name. And as long as no proof is found others accept that, at the very least, the First Daughters inspired the younger group into existence.   However long it has been since it's proper foundation remains as mysterious as everything also surrounding this organization, but by looking at texts through out story one can be certain that the Shadow Daughters have existed for a very long time. Stories of their groups being that of noble sacrifice and journeys for the betterment of society and civilization.   Records in the Lumiere World, tell many tales from the times of the Fall of Great Empire, when this covert organization shrouded in darkness walked the streets and rescued the orphaned and alone, to bring them to safety. Later in history, as the raiders came to take the pieces of the fallen empire, the Shadows took to the fighting, defeating small bands of individuals that greatly outnumbered them in attempts to secure and rescue defenseless individuals from undeserving harm.   During the last 100 years, as science and technology advances, and the thin barrier between Reflected and Lumiere World seem at the last strand, the Shadow Daughters have not appeared to act even as many other religious orders and worshippers of the True Gods took stance in this changes. If that is a sign of indifference or just their ability to work secretly, no one knows.

Granted Divine Powers

There is some discussion of the origin of the power that the Shadows exercise, some believe the powers come from the Dark Lord and others from the Shadow Plane or are actual power the entities have naturally. Either way, there is no argument that a Shadow Daughter has notorious abilities, such as shadowsurfing which allows them to traverse space and obstacles by jumping shadows. Their shapeshifting ability is another well recorded skill, that has made many paranoid.   Other powers are not as well known and only speculated, such as retro- and precognition which allows them to see into the past and the future, the ability to detect magic with ease and also dispel it. Some believe Shadows also have planeshifting abilities that allow them to come and go to the Shadow and Positive Plane to visit their master and finish their missions.
Portuguese Name
Filhas da Sombra
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
The Shadows, Dark Children
Predecessor Organization

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