Leonan Sunflower

Part of the Holy Templars of Western Church, the Order of Sunflower of Dry the Sea was not sworn to a ruler, and most of the time were not under direct orders of the Church. While they would answer calls to war from the Western Church, these female knight were mostly aligned to whomever bought their services. The Leonan Sunflower refers to a smaller group inside the Order, of around three hundred women, known for their affiliation with the Leonan Royal Court. First hired to protect Prince Humberto Castanhal Raviera de Leonan, by his bedridden father and afterward by the prince shortly after his coronation.
  The group of knights, most of which were from different parts of North and Northwest Motherland, first swore to protect Prince Humberto until his coronation in his 15th birthday. The Debut Ball that marked such celebration was a historical event that shook Leonan society, and the Leonan Sunflower were a great part of it.
  During the Black Lion's Debut, Humberto ordered his troops, which included Leonan Sunflowers, to detain and behead a list of nobles that were present, all of whom that were known supporters of the parliamentary system and/or objectors of his crowning. By seizing the properties of the executed nobles, the King managed to fill his coffers with enough gold to extend the contract of the Sunflower Knights long enough so that his power was consolidated and the Kingdom in order.
Portuguese Name
Girassol de Leonan
Alternative Name (Portuguese)
Flores do Leão Negro
Alternative Name
Black Lion's Flowers
Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Organization
Order of Sunflowers of the Dry Sea


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