Holy Templars of Western Church

Templars were knights fighting for Western Church on the Holy Wars of the 10th century. Most of them were non magical knights, fighting for the cause without knowledge of the Lumiere conflict that spurred the wars. In a much more sexist time, the organization had a majority of male members while woman knights were rares, these individuals came from different countries.   They were leaders to whole groups of soldiers in the Crusades, often leading their fellow country person in battle against the Non-Believers.


All members worship the God from Western Church, believed to be the only true god by most of the mundane western civilizations in the Middle Age. Among their beliefs, is also the worship of Saints and Prophets, most notoriously St. Carl patron of honorable warriors and oaths.


Sunflower of Dry Sea

The only known sect to only accept women in their ranks, the Sunflower Templars are so known for their origins in the countries with long days and uncommon rain. These ladies were ferocious fighters and notorious masters of stealth and subterfuge. During the Third Crusade, their deeds were so many that the leader of the sect, Dame Aisha was invited to the Holy Western Church to meet with the High Priest and a few centuries later granted sainthood, as the saint protector of women and female warrior.   During the 10th Crusade, the Sunflowers of Dry Sea played an important part in defeating the Non-Believers' army and taking the Holy City by planning and invading the city during the night, where after they defeated many of the enemy soldiers and opened the gates so the rest of the Western Church army could take the settlement for the first time in four crusades.
Portuguese Name
Sacro Templários da Igreja Ocidental

End of 9th century - 13th century


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