High Advocate

High Advocate is the higher title one can achieve among The Advocates, one of many representative powers that help rule the Lumiere World. Called as the representatives of the non-magical world, the High Advocate are often non-magical people themselves, living among ordinary people in a way to take in their reality in contrast to the magical existence of their peers.   They also oversee the other Advocates, which tends to be family members or apprentices of current and/or previous High Advocates. In accordance to local culture and history, a region can have a single High Advocate or a Council of High Advocates.


While the specific qualifications for the job vary from city to city as cultures raise and fall, High Advocates are frequently knowledgeable in the Lumiere World, its many cultures, rich history and the magical side of local events. During the start of one's term is common for their peers to act as judges of their character and abilities.


Another matter that vary from region and culture is the requirements, that can be many. However, most commonly the individual is an adult human, with minimal if any magical ability. There are no gender restrictions for the title of High Advocate.   In some cases, as that of Rock Fortress, the title is always held by the descendants of the signants of the Letter of Intention.


Advocates have to frequently acquire the approval of their peers in order to be rise to High Advocates. If the previous High Advocate, however, indicates their successor clearly that is enough to start the process - specially in hereditary cases.


To advocate for the Reflected World, as well as any outcasts in the Lumiere World. They can take on extra duties, such as charity, keeping the Reflected World unaware of the magic in their lives and many others.


Attending the Summit of Representatives is the main responsibility a High Advocate has. The standard summit is nothing much than a formality, where the Representatives discuss and finalize certain matters, however, in not so rare occasion, they take issue of the local Lumiere Government and have even the power to select which individual - or individuals - shall ascend to such demanding duties.


The political power among the Lumiere is, maybe, more related to the person than the title itself. Be that as it may, the average Lumiere citizen will show great respect to a High Advocate. They also have connections and a sort of diplomatic immunity in the magical world, allowing them to act sometimes outside of their purview with minor repercussions.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Given the fact that in majority of cases the High Advocate is a lifelong job, the main way to remove one of their duty is through assassination or execution. However, the current High Advocate can pass, with approval of the Summit, their title to a worthy successor. And while the rest of the Representatives have the power to demand a High Advocate step down, that is an extremely uncommon practice.


The origin of the title itself dates to Ancient times, if the many myths around the Bestowing, are to be believed. The most regarded text to comment on the event, that would have created not only the title but most of the ancient system from which it has evolved, is an epic staged in 1800 BCE written by playwright Eldious.   During the Holy Wars, more specifically in the 10th century, many of the templars born in the non-magical world came to experience the Lumiere. After which they were brought to their local communities as representatives of the non-magic people and, as they rose in prominence in and outside of the Lumiere, they were granted the title of High Advocates. As such it is rather common, in the Western civilization, to see Advocates that descent from members of the Holy Templars of Western Church.

Notable Holders

One of the most respected holders of that title in Rock Fortress and region, is Sir Carlos Mancha Villalobos. He is one of the three holders of the title in the city, and has recently passed away - his younger son, Guilherme Villalobos was the previous holder of the title.   The first Villalobos to hold the title was Bartholomeus Villalobos, as one of the original signers of the Letter of Intention, along side Hugo D'Ávila, Liam Carlson, Dayo Abara, Roberto Martelli and six others.
Portuguese Name
Alto Advogado
Civic, Diplomatic
Active worldwide
In Rock Forest, Letter of Intention.
Form of Address
Sir (male), Ser (neutral) or Dame (female)
Source of Authority
The other Advocates, as well as the Light Sire
Length of Term
Varying from place to place, most frequently lifelong
Current Holders


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