Notorious for its sports events, Aurumana is a hot spot for athletes from all over the world, specially during their special anual Gold Expedition. Originally at the heart of the NativeĀ Coalition, Aurumana and the Gold Expedition were important part of the native culture of the New Land, serving as a place where competition between blood rival was much moderate and people could watch.   The fall of Aurumana in the 5th century is related to the separation of the Coalition itself, after internal conflict and plots brought war to the lands. And despite the city's renown as a peaceful settlement and even protected by the laws of allied civilizations, the fall of the coalition resulted in the invalidation of such laws and the subsequent raid of Aurumana.   However, settlers of the Old Lands came into contact with descendants of the Native Coalition and by learning of the myth of Aurumana, the City of Gods and Gold a large exploration resulted in Vidar Agard and his tropes discovering the ruins of Aurumana and subsequently reconstruction of the city using the ancient monuments as the bones of their new city. Studies of the remaining ruins, decades later, showed the value the city had to the locals and the origin of the myth, in which gold was given to the better athletes and they were considered gods incarnated and as such Aurumana had been considered a city of gods and gold. The history remained only as tales for many decades still.   It was only in by the end of the 18th century that Aurumana, at the time named Vailandia, took in the legacy of the ancient ruins it settled on. National and local government banded together after the Republication Wars, that resulted in changes to the government from a monarchy to a republic - parlimentary at the time -, and announced the National Athlete Reunion Celebration, as a way to redirect the displeasure and aggression of citizens for a few days.   As the years went on, the celebration was repeated in times where the politicians thought it would be necessary to appease the public, but as of the 1910's the celebration has been much less erradict and now a worldwide event.


It is a common misconception that athletes are the biggest or most valued group of tourists that visit Aurumana, in fact they are often forgotten by the hospitality industry, which give much more attention to the enthusiasts and gamblers.   Thanks to Aurumana lax laws and actual incentives to gambling, the place is considered to be a den of gambling - legal or otherwise. The actual Gamble Houses are the most visited buildings in Aurumana and a place where one can see about every sort of people united by their beliefs in the ability to predict the results of athletic competitions.  

Gold Expedition

Named as a journey to acquire gold in numerous tasks and sports, the Gold Expedition is not the equivalent of Olympics and it is in fact considered to be another type of competition completely, as it has abandoned much of the ties to traditional sports in the last decades. The most recent example is the addition of FPS eSports in the 2004 Gold Expedition.  
Original Foundation Date
Near 2400 BCE
Date of Ruination
Near 400CE
Date of Reconstruction
14th December 1685
(Portuguese) Alternative Names
Cidade do Ouro, Antro das Apostas
Alternative Name(s)
City of Gold, Gambler's Den
around 400,000
Inhabitant Demonym


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