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Hammersphere Life is complicated, in the Epstein-Barr Galaxy

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The Einstein-Barr galaxy is at war, multiple sophonts of many species, planets, all have known nothing but hostility from beings wearing different symbols than them.   There are multiple factions of humans, as well as aliens of multiple types. All of the factions have access to exoframe technology, which starts with powered armour, somewhat larger than a normal biped, and goes up to Kaiju-size Exoframes, walking cathedrals of woe, raining destruction on an entire battlefield.   The barred spiral galaxy of Epstein-Barr(pun intended) is host to hundreds of millions of stars and their systems and attendant planets, planetoids, asteroids and space stations. Of especial emotional significance to those of you reading from Sol III, Sol IIIa or their other colonies, the Terran Meritocracy is an offshoot of your civilisation, cut off perhaps a century ago, see the articles on your Solar System, planet and Star for more details.  
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