CBRNt Earth

65 PFE (2217 CE)

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The war was short, the effects long lasting. Earth, whose occupants had just begun to reach into the solar system, was cast into an interregnum of darkness, disorder, and worse. That was 65 years ago. The Nuclear Winter and Great Dry have come and past, and new nations and cultures have arisen. As have new conflicts, hazards, and risks. Even as humanity struggles to survive and resyore thier homeworld, they prepare to leave it. It is the age of the Global South and Orbital Community as the world realigns to the new reality.
At this point, this is a World Bible for my science fiction works, and has no associated game system. If it gains popularity, I may do some work to adapt a system to it or vice versa.   This world would offer multiple scales and scopes of play, ranging from hard survival and scavenging in the ruins of the old world as a salver team, to gathering data on the deadly new flora and fauna as a research team, to life in near orbit or in the belt, to battle on the frontiers of one of the many new nations as they fend off each other and the remains of the old world.