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The nation of the Tel'Avar and Kobalds. The last remnant of a great empire that once ruled the entire continent and more.


The Refounding

Drynlaxia is all that remains of an ancient and powerful empire. Once, the Tel'avar ruled the entire continent, but decadence and greed brought their empire to the ground. It collapsed during a devastating war that rendered much of the world uninhabitable. The Reign of Dragons was over. Afterwards came the Reign of Strife, a period of horrific bloodshed and loss where the survivors fought over the remains of civilization. During this time the Dryn Council was formed. On the western shores of Caracklyst, where the first Tel'avar landed, the surviving Tel'avar gathered together. They reforged their identity on that day, no longer would they be conquerors or rulers, but instead, they would become stewards, guardians of the world. They would work to ensure that a tragedy such as this could never again occur.

This first council built the city of Haboran, meaning "promise" in their language. From this new bastion they expanded outwards, reclaiming the remains of their civilization. It was slow and dangerous. Many of those who has survived the cataclysm were driven mad by the reality they now lived in. Those poor souls fought back against the reclamation or anyone else who came near them. But over time they took back the once-great cities of their empire. It was during this time that the majority of Tel'avar began to follow a new philosophy, one that its founder referred to as "The Path of the High Mountain." This movement, that emphasized inner peace and a search for enlightenment, helped heal the spiritual wound left by the cataclysm.

In the closing years of the Reign of Strife the Kobolds began reappearing. Most of them had hidden from the cataclysm in underground bunkers there just beginning to open up. Once a ruthlessly inventive race, the Kobolds has shouldered much of the blame for the devastation, and in their centuries underground a cult of guilt had formed, instilling in them a newfound humility and cultural shame.

Reintroduction to the World

During the beginnings of the Age of Man, Drynlaxian forces began to encounter humans again. As their scouts had went north they found a miracle. The land had been healed of its wounds, and there were functional settlements filled with sane people. Despite the devastation, civilization had endured. Remembering their new role as custodians of the world, the Drynlaxians halted their expansion. They let the humans build their own nations with minimal interference. In the minds of the Drynlaxians, it was the least they owed them. They found much the same to the south, where the Gnomes had begun to build their own nation as well.

Over the next few centuries they learned more of the world outside their newly defined borders. To their surprise they learned of many independent settlements of Tel'avar, and even a few with living Dragons. However their joy was short lived, as not long after, the settlements began to disappear. Many theorize that Lahkan was responsible for the destruction, however there is only evidence that he destroyed one of them.

In 317 CE death came to the city-state of Shadowcrinch. It was the last Tel'avar city outside the borders of Drynlaxia, and home to the majority of the surviving dragons. The details of the destruction are unclear, however it it known that the majority of it was done by Lahkan, who burned the city in a blind rage. No one knows what the motive behind the destruction was, but it sent the world into mourning.

Keepers of Knowledge

In 452 CE the Dryn Council voted to begin the construction of a massive library in Drekeran. In order to stock this library they sent agents to every corner of the world, searching for ancient texts as well as whatever had been recently written. In a short time this great library became the largest repository of information in the world and gave Drynlaxia an unprecedented view of of the world. This became somewhat of an obsession for them, and soon these agents began to gather their own information instead of just retrieving it. Many Tel'avar will simply attach themselves to the court of an influential person and write down all that happens there, sending it back periodically for copying. And this was how Drynlaxia continued. For centuries they watched and recorded all that happened. They took a strictly neutral stance in all international politics in order to preserve this order.

There have been three times in written history that Drynlaxia has broken its neutrality. First was during the War of the Necromancer where during the conflict they provided healers and some military aid. Second was during the war against the Silenced. When the Silenced attacked they didn't avoid Drynlaxia as other nations might. Due to this the Drynlaxians felt that they were as much a part of the war as anyone else, and committed fully to it. This is a significant contributing factor to the eventual overland victory that was achieved. Third, and lastly, was during the Gnomish Genocide. While the Empire of Kateria prosecuted its war of extermination the Dryn Council decided to step in and stop the violence, they saw the war as an example of the destruction that once ended their own empire. The conflict was short as the Imperial armies refused to fight the Drynlaxian force.

Recent History

In recent history Drynlaxia has been working to curb the growing power of The Order of St. Malcolm in Costadoro. This is due in large part to the news that an Archangel had appeared and was leading the organization. According to Drynlaxian beliefs, Angels are evil beings, and their worship brings death and destruction in its wake. While they've done nothing publicly, for the last few decades a covert war has been waged between agents of Drynlaxia and the Inquisition. This was brought to a head in the summer of 1878 when the Archangel was struck down after the sudden reappearance of Lahkan.

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The Dragon Lands
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Unitary state
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