Brislaban World of the Broken Chain

Year 5864 of the Era of Rebirth

Created by

A world created from the broken soul of a powerful necromancer from another realm. As this necromancer aged, he began to know that his work could never be accomplished within the lifetime of a mortal. This took this dark wizard down a path that would shatter his soul seven times and unleash the power of the soul into a world of its own. This would always give the necromancer a place to return to and recoup his energies as he took the journey to become a lich and never truly by extinguishing his life, he was creating a world for life to flourish.



The various main sections make up the breakdown of the world and the fantasy setting. Their are various sub-sections in each listing that further breakdown the various categories and details of the world.


About Us

Deep Dungeon Games is a small fantasy gaming company that focuses on the creation of content that is immersive, detailed, and fantastic. It is the brainchild of myself, aka Hobie Hill, and has been around for 5 years. During this time, we have put out some incredible content with the support of the community, family, and friends and they have allowed us to bring over a million words into our fantasy setting. It is truly a job of passion, and we are looking forward to the next 5 years.  


We have opened up our subscription on our website and you will gain all of our content cannot for the world of Brislaban! We always want to create content, that the community and supporters want, and feedback from the community and backers is crucial. So, bring yourself into the world and start exploring as we build more and more of the world.

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