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The Wulfher living in Kings Fort are a proud and fierce people, deeply connected to their history and the land they call home. They are fiercely loyal to their clan and their king, who is seen as a living god and protector of his people. They are a close-knit community, and the bonds between clan members are strong, with many families having lived in the area for generations. They are a martial culture, with a strong emphasis on training and discipline, and many members of the clan are skilled warriors.   Customs among the Wulfher are heavily influenced by their connection to the land and their history. They hold many rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, many of which are centered around the full moon, when the beruehrt members of the clan transform into their beast form. These rituals are often led by the king or other senior members of the clan, and are seen as a way to honor their ancestors and the gods who have blessed them with the gift of being beruehrt.   The Wulfher are also deeply spiritual, and they have a deep reverence for Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death, who they believe blessed them with the ability to transform into beasts in order to defeat the evil sorcerer Alkake. They also honor the other gods of the land, and they believe that the natural world is sacred and should be respected and protected. Many members of the clan are also skilled in magic, and they often use it to aid in hunting and protection.   The Wulfher also place a strong emphasis on honor and respect, and they have a strict code of conduct that is followed by all members of the clan. They believe in the importance of strength and power, but they also believe that true strength comes from self-control and discipline. They respect the strength and power of other cultures and people, but they will not hesitate to defend their own people.   In terms of their economy, The Wulfher are self-sufficient and live off the land. They are skilled hunters and farmers and many of the clan members are skilled in crafting weapons, clothing, and tools. They trade with other cultures for luxuries and goods that they cannot produce themselves. They also earn money by offering their services as warriors and guards to other cultures and kingdoms.   The Wulfher are also known for their stoicism and stoic nature. They are not easily swayed by emotions and are not often forthcoming with their own. They are also fiercely independent and will not take kindly to threats.  
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  Observed Festivals:
  • The Full Moon Festival: This festival is held every month on the night of the full moon, where the Wulfher people gather to celebrate the power of their beruehrt warriors and give thanks to Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death for the blessings she has bestowed upon them. During the festival, the Wulfher people perform traditional dances, sing songs, and make offerings to the goddess.
  • The Ancestors' Day: This is a day of remembrance and honor for the Wulfher clan's ancestors, who have passed on. The Wulfher people honor their ancestors by visiting their graves and leaving offerings of food and flowers. They also hold a large feast to celebrate the lives of their ancestors and share stories of their deeds.
  • The Winter Solstice: This festival is celebrated on the longest night of the year and marks the beginning of the winter season. The Wulfher people light bonfires and make offerings to the Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, asking for their blessings to protect them from the harsh winter. They also hold a large feast and share stories of the past winter seasons.
  • The Victory Day: This festival is held annually to commemorate the victory over the lich Alkake and the sealing of the phylactery. The Wulfher people gather to give thanks to the Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death and the five original Mano beruehrt who defeated Alkake. They hold a large feast, perform traditional dances and sing songs to honor the memory of their ancestors and the victory over Alkake.
  History:   Since time before civilization, when the du la Rents and their followers had not even been born to colonize Azrea and beasts with murderous intent ruled the forests now known as the Kings End, the Shutzfort held the Darkveil Forest in check. The Wulfher clan storytellers speak of a tear in the veil, deep in the forest through which the monsters of the forest are mutated, strengthened and emboldened. Many centuries ago, a small band of elite Wulfher heroes ventured into the forest to close the tear. When they returned they bore the Wolfsherz and had been beruehrt. On the full moon, they would transform to become vicious, unstoppable beasts, driven to the wilderness to hunt. Over time they learned to manage their condition and even learned how to control it. Some of their children became beruehrt, mostly male children, and only occasionally would a female child be beruehrt. The beruehrt seemed immortal, and could only be killed by beheading with an extreme sharp and incredibly sharp blade, wielded with unreasonable power. When the Rendinian kings conquered the region, Shutzfort could not be taken and after a century of conflict, King Louis du la Rent negotiated a treaty that would allow Shutzfort to join the kingdom, gaining the support of the government and access to trade of the kingdom while maintaining their own independent laws, exemption from taxes and enduring ownership of the land along the Darkveil Forest. The fort was renamed to Kings Fort and the clan agreed to protect the northern border while maintaining a permanent contingent of a single beruehrt warrior in service to the kingdom as a soldier.   Wald was one of the original five Mano beruehrt to return from the Darkveil Forest with chieftain Williric Kaiser. They brought back the Wolfherz, a powerful phylactery that held the essence of Alkake, the warlock who had caused the tear in the Darkveil Forest that allowed the twisted monsters to enter the world. The Wulfher clan, under the guidance of the Lot: the goddess of Winter and Summer, Life and Death, had been blessed with the ability to transform into beasts on the full moon in order to defeat Alkake and seal the tear. The beruehrt, as they were called, were immortal and could only be killed by beheading with an extremely sharp and powerful blade. They also kept the Wolfherz in a sacred and secure location, guarded by the strongest of the beruehrt, to ensure that Alkake's power would never be used for evil again.   Experience Surviving Darkveil Forest as a Wulfher warrior.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Gertrud, Anneliese, Dorothea, Hedwig, Johanna

Masculine names

Wilhelm, Friedrich, Heinrich, Hans, Gustav

Family names

Wiesenbauer, Schwarzkopf, Himmelreich, Bauernfeld, Falkenmayer, Wolfanger
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