West Rendin

West Rendin was established by Armand du la Rent. The du la Rent family had been prominent in the area for many years, and Armand saw an opportunity to unite the various tribes and factions under a single rule. He was a charismatic leader and skilled warrior, and he was able to rally the people behind him.   The capital of Rendin was established in the city of West Haven, which was strategically located on the coast near valuable trade ports. King Louis du la Rent, Armand's son, built West Keep in 370 A.R.M to keep citizens safe from Quannian raiders. This was a time of prosperity for Rendin, as the kingdom grew and prospered through trade and commerce.   During this time, Rendin's culture was heavily influenced by the surrounding regions. The people were expressive and wore their emotions on their sleeves. They were also deeply spiritual, and The Cult of the Weave was widely practiced. West Haven was a bustling metropolis, with a diverse population of artisans, merchants, and warriors.   As the kingdom grew, it faced challenges from rival factions, but the du la Rent family and their loyal followers were able to overcome them. The kingdom also established alliances with neighboring regions, such as the Schutzfort, which was a powerful clan that controlled the Darkveil Forest. The Shutzfort agreed to join the kingdom and protect the northern border in exchange for autonomy and exemption from taxes. This alliance proved vital to the kingdom's survival in the centuries to come.

Around 500 A.R.M,Rendin faced a major crisis with the outbreak of the Age of Horror, which began with the rising of the undead in the East. This caused widespread panic and chaos across the region, as the undead hordes threatened to overrun Rendin's cities and towns. The kingdom, led by King Armand II du la Rent, formed an alliance with the Knights of Alba, an organization dedicated to defending Azrea from The Dead Lands, to fight against the undead.   During this time, West Haven served as a major hub for the defense against The Dead Lands, due to its strategic location and valuable trade ports. The city's economy boomed as it became the main center for the production of weapons and supplies for the war effort.   Despite the challenges, West Rendin managed to push back the undead and end the Age of Horror by 582 A.R.M. This was a significant victory for the kingdom, but the damage caused by the outbreak was severe. Many cities and towns were destroyed, and the population was greatly reduced.   In the following years, West Rendin focused on rebuilding and recovering from the war. The kingdom prospered through trade and commerce, particularly in the export of iron, pottery, fish, lumber, facilitating pilgrimage to the holy mountain and rare stones bought from the Dwan of the Northern Towers. The kingdom also established a strong alliance with the Shutzfort, who protected the northern border and provided them with a permanent contingent of a single beruehrt warrior in service to the kingdom as a soldier.   However, despite the initial success and prosperity, internal conflicts and political intrigues between the different factions of the kingdom started to rise. This would lead to the division of Rendin into three separate nations: East Rendin, @Rend

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  • West Haven
    The seat of power for the Queen of West Rendin and the birthplace of the Magpies Thieves Guild.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Predecessor Organization
West Rendinian
Leader Title
Head of Government
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Iron, pottery, fish, lumber, facilitating pilgrimages to the holy mountain, and rare stones bought from the Dwan
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