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The Dead Lands

Only idiots would enter this land where the dead walk the land ravenous for living flesh. Many of the wretched creatures that live in these lands are sentient, cunning and more than able to tear and army to shreads. They are hard to kill and easy to miss, all in all. The Dead Lands is for the dead and the live best say away.   Amythine, The Dark Queen is the only reason these creatures mostly remain here. Once a hero of the Age of Horror, she sacrificed her self to dark powers to rule over the creatures in this land. She is a powerful Vampire in her own right and dangerous to those who dare to enter her lands.   The Knights of Alba are civilizations last defence, holding the fortress of Lonstad to keep the evil of this land on the far side of the Gormans Rise.   Experience Amythine - The Dead Land.

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