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Kings Fort

Guardians of the Darkveil Forest and keepers of the Wolfsherz. Since before civilisation, when the du la Rents and their followers had not even been born to colonise Azrea and beasts with murderous intent ruled the forests now known as the Kings End, the Shutzfort held the Darkveil Forest in check. The Wulfher clan storytellers speak of a tear in the veil, deep in the forest, through which the forest's monsters are mutated, strengthened and encouraged. Many centuries ago, a small band of elite Wulfher heroes ventured into the woods to close the tear. When they returned, they bore the Wolfsherz and had been beruehrt. On the full moon, they would transform to become vicious, unstoppable beasts, driven to the wilderness to hunt. Over time they learned to manage their condition and even learned how to control it. Some of their children became beruehrt, mostly male children, and only occasionally would a female child be beruehrt. The beruehrt seemed immortal and could only be killed by beheading with an extraordinarily sharp and incredibly sharp blade wielded with unreasonable power. When the Rendinian Kings conquered the region, Shutzfort could not be taken. After a century of conflict, King Louis du la Rent negotiated a treaty that would allow Shutzfort to join the kingdom, gaining the support of the government and access to the trade of the realm while maintaining their independent laws, exemption from taxes and enduring ownership of the land along the Darkveil Forest. The fort was renamed Kings Fort, and the clan agreed to protect the northern border while maintaining a permanent contingent of a single beruehrt warrior in service to the kingdom as a soldier. The average human doesn't know that the Wulfher are more than human.

Public Agenda

Guard the rift in the Darkveil and keep the deamons that spill from contained in the Darkveil Forest.
Founding Date
1000 B.R.M.
Military Order
Leader Title
Family Leader

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