Sister Act Sea


Over the last few years, the Sisters of the Sea have become the one of the most feared pirate organisations in history. However, their frequent raids have become somewhat less frequent in recent months. Some say this is simply because they can afford to be more choosy in their targets now, but there are rumours that their leader, Captain Etta Maxime, is hunting something specific.   The stories of Captain Maxime's attacks on other vessels carry a striking similarity to those of Captain Nico Salvadore's. Nico Salvadore reportedly was able to control the very seas he sailed upon, rendering his prey easy targets by becalming the water beneath them or whipping it up into a frenzy to damage them. These same details cropped up in the early reports of The Sisters of the Sea, which was partially the reason they were taken with huge pinches of salt at the time.   Whether there is a connection between Captains Salvadore and Maxime is unknown, but what it is certain is the Sisters' aggression has be focused into targeted attacks on high profile merchant ships, some of which have seemed sketchy when recounting what was taken from them, almost as if they were carrying something that they were not allowed to talk about, or indeed, just did not know about.   The Sisters are preparing for something, possibly a hunt for Salvadore's Bounty. This possibility has many people, particularly those that rely on naval trade, worried. No one knows the full extent of what Salvadore claimed in his time but if it is even half as dangerous as what some of the stories suggest, then it must be kept out of the hands of someone like Etta Maxime at all costs.

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