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Saurian Prime

A Prime Saurian, or Saurian Prime, is a sub race of Saurian that is essentially superior in every way. First of all, instead of living to around 1,000, Prime Saurians are immortal unless killed, additionally possessing great immunity to almost all known illnesses and poisons. They also often stand an extra 2-5 feet taller than an average Saurian and possess much greater strength, toughness, and stamina. A Saurian Prime also has several extra organs to help in fighting sickness and poison as well as different lungs that can breathe almost anything. As far as appearance, in addition to the usual colors Prime Saurians can also have gold, silver, bronze, or white scales. Prime Saurians CANNOT interbreed with other races, even breeding with a normal Saurian has a high chance of ending in the death of the fetus or serious birth defects. If breeding with a regular Saurian does take place however, they are almost always also a Saurian Prime. When Prime Saurians breed their conception rate is nearly %100 but the egg takes around 10 times as long to mature due the much more complicated genetic code. Prime Saurians all know they heraldry and bloodlines well, as this is important for the continuation of their race. As such, they have their own branch of the military known as the Saurian Swords. These are the most elite of the Saurian war machine, used for special operations and other very dangerous warfare. The only branches that contain Prime Saurians are the Saurian Swords and the Homeguard.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

The most complex genetics of any race, making them immune to almost any disease and interracial reproduction almost impossible.

Growth Rate & Stages

Due to their far more complex genetics, they take even longer to gestate then regular Saurians and singly longer to mature.

Ecology and Habitats

Same as regular Saurians.

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

250 IQ

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Superior to even that of regular Saurians. They seem to always be aware of every minute detail in their environment.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
11-16 ft
Average Weight
400-520 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Gold, silver, bronze, red, or black scales.
Related Organizations

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