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Superb Prismatic Ray

Incorrectly called "Excellent Prismatic Ray" by some scholars, this death machine is nonetheless quite dangerous.   Capable of speeds up to 60km/h in level flight, and twice that in a dive, it is quite mobile, but it's not the deadliest part of this mystical creature, for indeed, it is composed of ever-changing spectra of magical, damage-causing energies. Shaped like a manta ray, and indeed, behaving in all respects like one, it is a mystery why it does so, since it's immaterial. Ranging from purple and indigo to orange and red hues, the colours however, do not match the conventional interpretation of their damage types(so red isn't necessarily fire, although, current research cannot either guarantee what you'll suffer if you touch a red part of the creature, either). The creature is also holy to Eemmair, and should one use, say, elect powers, to damage one, their patron might take umbrage.   The Superb Primatic Ray is a wholly extraplanar creature whose magical existence(it doesn't need to eat, breathe or drink, although it may bask in the sun at random intervals) doesn't seem to follow natural laws inasmuch as participating in an ecosystem, has no natural enemies, and has never been seen to die of old age.   I will now take questions.   "Does it maliciously attack creatures? Since it doesn't need to eat or even breathe?"   "What a solid question, we don't know, we assume it doesn't, because it's extra-dimensional, extra-planar and what have you, but we have no way of verifying. Its idea of tasty might be an emotion, or a sound, or some even more esoteric concept, we simply have no data. Only one was ever killed, and it dissipated into harmless light. But then a Senior Elect of Eemmair appeared and told us never to do that again. Blurose, the elect of Balthamael who was assisting, declined to participate on further experiments, based on a nebulous 'elect non-interference clause'. It's idea of a good time might be killing innocent folk, for all we know."
— Konor Heillebuwick, second lecture, MGC301: Compendium of Beasts, Magic and You. Shesterkin Academy, cursus of 756.


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