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Celestial Reconciliation

The year the gods died

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The world had become "wrong", the status quo would not stand. Then the Auditors of Reality put their thumbs on the scale, and there was no thorn keystone to keep them away.   This caused the strike, that killed off all the Gods and Demons, and most intellectuals, and leaving only Animaliti, Totaliti and their empowered versions: Elect(empowered Totaliti) and Hubris(empowered Animaliti) and the shock decimated the regular Animaliti and Totaliti.   Reality is... unstable, although, each act the Elected perform cancels out some of the damage done by the Auditors to Normaliti, or push it out further from Equilibrium, no one can tell.   Oh, and what were distinct speciees before all merged, all animals could now have issue with any other animal, no matter how bizarre.   There are two types of Elect, Inborn and Manifested. Inborn Elect are born from other Elect. While Manifested are made from the remnants of the Gods and their touch. Each ex-god chooses elect to inherit their power, over time, each elect stacks against the others heirs in a pyramid, some choose to kill, the others duel non-lethally, after a decade the one at the top of a pyramid is expected to embody the late Deity more than the others. This hasn't had a chance to happen yet.   Empowered come in the above mentionede three types : Fated Elect, Blood Elect and Hubris  
  1. Sylvania, Elect of : Lunar
  2. Kondaghal, Elect of :Dragon/Earth
  3. Quishnoo, Elect of : Dragon/Water
  4. Chorizza, Elect of : Dragon/Fire
  5. Dagflutie, Elect of : Dragon/Air
  6. Titania, Elect of : Dragon/Wood
  7. Belgia, Elect of : Destiny/Hope
  8. Wheelin, Elect of : Hierarchy/Law
  9. Eemmair, Elect of : Magic
  10. Rattar, Elect of : Greed/Inheritance
Manifested come in these types:
  1. Hyperion, elect of : Solar
  2. Vector, Elect of : Speed/Travel
  3. Explicator, Elect of : Abyssal/Void/murder
  4. Bling, Elect of : Serenity/Love
  5. Hush, elect of : Secrets/Information
  6. Omega, Elect of : Endings/Death
  7. Arete, Elect of : War
  8. Skeetar, elect of : Alchemy/mechanical
  9. Xaos, Elect of : chaos/freedom/pick-your-power
  10. Mondi, Elect of : Nature/Blood
Each Elect assumes the mantle of Elect of, a Deity, and receives power and limitations stemming from same.   Hubris come in ten types as well:
  1. Hubris of Poison Opposed wood/Nature
  2. Hubris of Acid Opposes Water/
  3. @hubris Opposes Air/Travel
  4. Hubris of Aridity Opposes Lunar/Serenity
  5. Hubris of Cold Opposes Solar/Fire
  6. Huibris of Steam Opposes Magic/Alchemical
  7. Hubis of Impforcey opposes Magic/Secrets
  8. Hubris of Slime opposes Destiny/Nature
  9. The original Hubris of conceit sometimes classified as Illusion or heresy opposes Chaos/Abyssal
  10. Hubris of Decay opposes new things
  11. Hubris of Umbra opposes the sun and knowledge
Elsewhere   At the same time the gods died, the primordial Procyon was wounded, and his sympathy with the world was such, he bled, a thousand drops of blood a minute, over a thousand places. The unwary who touched his blood, over time, discovered it was far from safe. Over time, they mutated, becoming properly named Anschully, but identical to Hubris except they only occur in Koumlaita. Koomlaita, the inner world is closed, surrounded by the bleeding sun, the bleeding heart at the middle of the sphere, and it bleeds madness and death. How much time does the world have, how much time do you have? Will you save the world? Or will you get marshmellows(or popcorn, I don't judge) while the world burns.   Normal people are doing what they can to survive, without the Gods to anchor their souls, they are leaking belief and life whenever a Hubris kills one. Whenever enough mortals die, the Gods suffer collective weakness or individual casualty. When enough of them did, some of the Hubris could ascend.
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