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Summer Camp 2022

Hi everybody, and welcome to my worldbuilding summercamp 2022!   Throughout July 2022, I'm hoping to complete as many Summer Camp prompts as possible, and beat last year's efforts by winning a silver badge.   I will regularly update this page with my progress and my own articles. However, I will also be sharing some of my favourite work from the community, so watch this space...  

Copper Prompts

  1. Describe an ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension or other large expanse. (Geography)
The Barren Wastes
Geographic Location | Jul 3, 2022

The Barren Wastes is a desolate expanse of wasteland in the North of Elvara.

2. Describe a religion or organisation connected to a natural phenomenon. (Organisation)

The Glawdean
Organization | Jul 3, 2022

The Glawdean are a nomadic tribe of sepricaen elves, native to the Elvara forest.

3. Describe a species that survives in an unlikely place. (species)
Species | Jul 4, 2022

Cinderweed is a deep-rooted plant native to the Barren Wastes of Northern Elvara. When the Cinderweed senses danger, its leaves disintegrate, leaving nought but it’s bitter tasting stem behind.

4. Describe a vehicle or type of vehicle used for long journeys. (vehicle)

The Gryphon
Vehicle | Jul 11, 2022

The Gryphon is a famous research vessel and ship which the famous scholar and cartographer Aemon Astaeri used for exploration

5. Describe a settlement beside or in a great expanse. (settlement)

Settlement | Jul 11, 2022

Beyond the jagged mountains, on the shores of the Bitter River, lies the most northerly city of Elvara— Zelgrod.

6. Describe a material only harvestable from nature. (material)

Material | Jul 12, 2022

Blackwood is an ashy grey coloured wood found on trees in the forests of Elvara and Errolone.

7. Describe a culture who lives within an ocean, desert, plain, pocket dimension or other expanse. (ethnicity)

Ethnicity | Jul 11, 2022

Meaning ‘United Ones’ in Orcish, the Eljin are native to the city of Zelgrod in the North of Elvara

8. Describe a food that marks a right of passage for a culture in your world. (tradition)

The Drowning
Tradition / Ritual | Jul 11, 2022

The Drowning is a Dwarven coming of age ritual involving a yard of ale and a beer soaked cake.


Silver Prompts

  9. A Settlement which leads the known world in something.

Settlement | Jul 12, 2022

Ironheim is a city to the north-west of Elvara, just south of the jagged Mountains

10. A Military conflict resolved through excellent leadership.

11. A building associated with governance, leadership or change.

12. An Organization associated with governance, leadership or change.

13. A profession associated with leaders in your world.

14. A title that commands respect from those in the know.

15. A tradition or ceremony which confers an honour on someone.

16. A great leader of their people.

Read my pledge document here!

Summer Camp 2022: My Pledge
Generic article | Jul 1, 2022

This year I want to expand the region of Astaeria with particular focus on the Continent of Elvara.

Gilly's top article picks from the WA community

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