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Asheshal is an epic fantasy world that is tied to a cyclical nature that is inescapable. Doomed to be remade over and over for countless cycles the Dragons keep vigil over the ever re-created world charged to remember all that happens. In this turn of the wheel of fate, the world of Asheshal has taken on new lands and people once again. Saycha, a continent on this vast world, is a large lang filled with towering mountains, expanding grasslands, sparkling rivers, deserts, and even a mushroom swamp. Locked forever in a perpetual autumn landscape due to the aged sun this bountiful land plays host to many varied and strange creatures and peoples.
It has been over one thousand and four hundred years since the beginning of the tenth age and now we enter into a time of the great Hopolian Knights of the Kenima Hegemony and the crusades of the Kingdom of Trithia. Meanwhile among the world, a great movement has arisen of the Spheres of Magic that make up the Cosmos. The powers of great Elementals of all kinds rage against one another as they vie for access of their Gateways while avoiding or culling the Hunters that seek them.
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The Iron Quill is intended to be a hub for storytellers of all kinds where they can find unique tools, ideas, and ways to improve skills. With so many resources out there it can be a touch (and feel free to read massively) overwhelming to find what might work for you. I've spent many years looking into resources and cultivating my own grounding as a storyteller and I love to see people light up with new ways to work on the craft that they love. Be it passion projects and hobby writers or those looking to make the creative works of Storytelling their business the Iron Quill is a forge where tools are shaped to the hand of any forege-master that comes through.

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