The Inner Circle

I tried to find an apartment in a R3 city, but the rents there are sky-high. I don't dare to look at apartments in an R2 or R1 city. I would probably have to sell my soul to live there.
— Person who wants to move closer to the Capital
  The Inner Circle stretches from The Arken Tower in the center of Ilo to The Fishing River. Large mega cities cover this region, especially the closer you get to the center of the circle and The Capital.  


by BasicDragon
Ilo is a people made floating country so the geography is completely artificial. The cities are placed in circles around The Capital City. Between the cities, mostly private Gardens have been planted.   The cities in the first circle outside of The Capital are named The Ring 1 cities, or R1. Hover your mouse over the image on the right of this text to see the naming system and the train tracks. The Color Routes and the Grey Routes. With the Grey Routes, you can travel into the Inner Circle and out to the rest of Ilo.   The Ilo Transport Company populate the train tracks that goes between the ring cities and from the capital towards The Outer Circle. While The Ilo transport company is Government-owned there are some privately-owned companies that transport people and/or goods over some routes.  


When the inventor of the flying country made the blueprint he wanted small communities where the people could live, and work in the same place and be happy together. He basically wanted a socialist society where people lived on what they made by themselves and then got help with outpost trade and social welfare from the government. However, the inventor wasn't the only one paying to have the country built.   The rich people paying for the country wanted to be able to live in the middle of it. In what is essentially a castle. The other less rich people were placed further and further out from the center. Most descendants of the first people who lived on Ilo still live where they were placed in the beginning.  


There are many different kinds of flora in The Inner Circle, much more than in the other parts of the country. Heart Vines are the most uncommon plants and many travel to watch them bloom once a year.   Only pets or working animals are living in the Inner Circle, no livestock animals. Currently, the most common pets are the Dralines and the wolves. While the most uncommon pets are the Momo.  


The Heart Vines, the The Arken Tower, places made popular by movies and other media, and many other locations in The Capital are popular tourist attractions. There is also a small tourist section in R1 cities. The people going to the sights in R1 cities are usually the ones who can't afford to go to The Capital.  


The Outer Circle and The Outskirts are the regions that produce most of the natural resources on Ilo. The Inner Circle do have some Greenhouses and Honey farms where they produce vegetables, fruit and honey.   The main resources from The Outer Circle are wood, wine, and fish, while the main resource from The Outskirts is meat. The resources from these places are transported to The Inner Circle where they are refined. While most of the farmers and other workers travel from the Inner Circle to the Outer Circle to work. The people working in The Outskirts usually live there.

Region size 99,897 km²
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
The President
Owning Organization
The Government of Ilo
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