Oh, it's paradise with a nasty bite.
Now this planet is a lush and beautiful place. As the sapient creatures inhabiting it were decimated by a plague named Darkness. Everybody infected became pale and rotting Zombies. Darkness is not like other plagues, Darkness is sentient. The zombies feasted on the living and spread Darkness across the planet.   To save himself and his loved ones a famous inventor created a country that could fly, Ilo. Everybody who was not infected by darkness and could travel to the country could enter. Then the new haven rose into the sky. Safe from Darkness.   But Darkness lives in every heart.  


I'm primarily worldbuilding this world for fun and to remake one of my older worlds, Tenus.   I'm also going to be writing a novella series about a family that I came up with while playing Sims 4 that will take place in this world. I also want to do some CYOA stories in this world. It's an easy world to do that in. Maybe it will even become a setting for a RPG.


Dystopian urban fantasy with a side dish of Cyberpunk. Romance, like always, is also present.  

Tech level

The rich elite has the latest tech (The flying country is made with technology) while the poor commoners have about the same tech level as us. Most people are not aware that magic exists.

Let the darkness take control.


It's an entire planet, but most of it is sapient free after a plague. Sapient creatures have gathered in a couple of outposts and on a flying country.


Neutral to Grim and Bright to Dark
A lot depends on where you were born, who your parents were, or how much luck and ambition you got.

Open up your eyes 'til you're blinded by the lies, so you can see what you do.


Overcoming the odds, The circle of life, True love conquers all, power corrupts & all flesh is grass.  


1. Hunger
2. Grey urban areas with neon lights
3. Concrete and purple flowers


1. There are creatures that will eat you.
2. The plague that decimated the population of the world is still around.
3. Inequity of class.
4. Exploitation of resources and people.
5. Vampires and other supernatural beings are hiding and there are conflicts within those groups and between the groups because of differing opinions.

Teardrops on the floor. The pain is over. Feel the darkness take control.

Cover image: by Dan Petrov


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