My favorite flavor? Hmm...honey I guess, I mean, I don't know.
  Honey is a sweet viscous food substance created by Bees.  


When a bee sucks nectar from a flower, if the bee is hungry it can consume the nectar for their own needs. If it is not hungry it can store the nectar in a special stomach. They can then, when they have returned to the hive, give the nectar over to the honey-making bees. They will produce the honey and contain it with beeswax to keep the honey safe until newborn bees need to eat.  


Natural raw honey is produced by farms in The Outer Circle on the flying country of Ilo. This honey is pretty expensive compared to artificial honey that is produced in factories in The Inner Circle.  


Honey is used as food for the bees and a couple of other animals. Humans have used honey for a lot of things, for example; to improve memory and to heal burns. It also doesn't raise blood sugar so it is popular as hard candy. It is also very popular in food and honey is used in a lot of food-related festivities in the Outposts.  


The Outposts can only produce very little honey yearly as they move around a lot because they have to stay away from the Darkness and infected creatures.   The flying country of Ilo produces a lot of honey, both for the people of Ilo and for trade with the Outposts. Ilo can spend a lot of time and resources on beekeeping, Ilo can even produce honey all year round, which surface settlements cannot.   Honey is a precious commodity in the Outposts and The Government of Ilo as well as other trading companies on Ilo have a lot of power in their hands with their abundance of honey. Before Ilo started mass producing honey the Outposts had the upper hand because they were the only ones who could mine Ark which can only be done by the people living on the surface of the planet. Because Ilo inhabitants are not allowed to leave the flying country. Only specially licensed traders that spend most of their time in quarantine are allowed to leave and trade with the Outposts.  

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