The Waiting Stream

Killing my dream softly, she said, that's all she was doing.
Giving it the mercy of death.
I wished too much, wanted too deep.
My heart trips me up so bad.
My hurts scab only in time for her to rip them off again.

— Killing the dream, by Intercontinental Occult Diplomacy

Flora was listening to some music and writing some reports. Sitting on a beach, Amarat had booked her a smallish inn, a citizen's home with an extra bed really, some nice folks, their contacts in the service vouched for them. Clove Potter and Loosie FehrUgh, this band was so syrupy, she ought to find better material. She told herself. Why did she like them, but she did... Ever since... Oh, that's how I discovered them, they were playing at Kannie's, oh, yeah, that's who introduced them to me, it's Tcha-chai. I wonder what she's up to today?

At Megamisama Drydock Complex Plaza #1, Nessun College appartments.


"My tchaflower!"

"You... They told me you were dead!"

"I thought I was, captured, taken on their ship... It was horrible. But I found a way, I had to come back, for my family... I didn't know you were the only one still alive, but I'm glad at least one of you made it..."

"I'm so glad, so what happened to the uniform? You used to be a Lifeguard."

"Yes, then I retired... Two tours was enough."

"Then what happened?"

"Meihomei happened, said she was giving me a Merit, but there was no way she was letting the man who captured the first enemy ship retire and let his Box of Honour gather dust. I saw yours on the way, nice collection."

"Oh dad, I didn't earn any of that myself, it was all my squadrons, bronze and silver, no gold or platinum."

"Only one of mine is platinum, but I guess it's the one that counts the most, eh?"

"Wait, you have a platinum RETRIBUTION CLASS? The thing must have cost a fortune!"

"Meihomei didn't ask me, and it's platinum-plated, not solid, those merits of yours aren't free, either, nor the rank tabs. You made Nessun? My girl, made flag, and I missed it!"

"I made Nessun-honour, but it's not announced yet... What's your new rank? SFOF-10 Meihomei's Beacon."

"So... the same Rank? Cool!"

"I'm just a LGOR-03, not one of these fancy types..."

"Hush, dad, you got a merit now, even excessive modesty can get you a title 118."


"Dad, you just came back, I'm not losing you to you insulting your own medal, and that's final!"

"What will you do?"

"If I have to, I'll go to jail with you, I mean, I'm already the only Nessun with a file..."

"What did you get booked for, Maelle?"

"I got drunk, got into a bar fight, I was lonely, my boyfriend wasn't in town, was feeling a little self-destructive..."

"Do I get to meet this worthy? I mean, he's been around you for some time, so I doubt I can intimidate him properly..."

"Oh, Elements above, but this will be awkward..."



The very short, buxom blonde walked in, and immediate shocked Maelle by giving her dad a deep tongue-kiss, then a pair of sharp slaps to the cheeks! "How dare you! You didn't even write!"

"Captured interstellar prisoners of war don't get writing implements, trust me, Caith, I complained ceaselessly about it..."

Maelle almost fainted, she knew her family had some strange ideas, but this was more than she expected.

"I dated your dad before he married my sister, Maelle. And she didn't want to share him when they got married, so that was that..."

"Caith, is everything ok?" Hamburg walked in, unsuspecting of the domestic chaos about to engulf him...

"Yes, dear."

"You've not met Maelle's father..."

"No, I can't say I've had the pleasure, I was told he was dead..."


A small town, built around the eponym stream, who seems to disappear into dryness, leaving a flat riverbed, mostly confused with a plain, until the next rain season. So the locals see the stream disappear, and start to wait for it to come again.
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