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The Von Blood Sword

A blood sword is traditionally made during the sixteenth year of all Von male children. It gets its name from the reddish brown color that the sword acquires from being quenched in sheep’s blood.   It is also ornately engraved. In addition to any personal designs or symbols, the engraving also includes the owner’s name and the Von family crest. The weapon is made of black adamantite and the hilt is braided with wire, leather, and a lock of the mother’s hair. Legend says that the mother’s hair will protect the bearer more than the blade will.   A blood sword is buried with its owner upon his death so he may use it in the afterlife. The family crest is a winged celestial agent who, according to legend, taught Stergen’s great, great grandfather how to work in adamantite.   The scabbard is created with the sword and the blade fits perfectly within it. The pommel stone is not placed in the hilt until after the owner gets married and is often negotiated as part of the bride’s dowry.


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