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Late in the fall of 1161 C.Y. (3656 E.R.), small bands of Zecharrím began making bold raids into both the Wild Coast and the western part of the Suss Forest from the Pomarj. Soon, the raiding parties made their way across the Jewel River and into more heavily populated areas.   The damage the seemingly random incursions caused Celene was small, and only token forces of Elves and men were sent to the Keeps at the woodlands’ edge. However, by Mid-winter, it became apparent that the raids into the Wild Coast had seriously hurt the trade from the sea to the Elven country, and the chaotic state of affairs along the Coast prevented any concerted action against the Zecharrím by the humans there.   On the Third day of the First month of the year 1162 C.Y. (3657 E.R.), the Zecharrím attacked Côm Cùllathe (a border keep) and pushed through to the nearby towns. Those who were not killed were taken back to the Pomarj as slaves. The farms were destroyed and the fields laid bare.   Thus began the Solséllic-Pomàreddin (Susstern War).   The Elves of Celene immediately sent armies south toe combat the invasion, but the Zecharrím had already fortified their positions west of the Jewel River, and even had troops stationed in the Lortmil Mountains to the Southwest. In doing so, the battle-crazed humanoids managed to drive out small bands of Dwarves who did not expect the attacks (they do not bother themselves with the affairs of Elves, and so did not know the severity of the previous raids). Now the Zecharrím had a foothold in the mountains! They immediately sent half-orc messengers to the Barrier Peaks far to the North for reinforcements.   The first of the Elven contingents to reach the besieged area was led by Afinron Tholérravin. He personally led a counter-attack into the heart of the captured territory in the forest. Many Elves died in the assault, and near the end, Afinron stood alone against hundreds of Zecharrím. He fought for a day and a night by himself and, it is said, the screams of the dying Zecharrím did not stop. To this day, for a day and a night each year, you can hear the death cries of the slain monsters on the wind. The Elves call this time Durnath Crimarion, and the battle they named The Seth’non (the Slaughter).   Afinron rested for less than a day before rejoining the War, in the mountains. The Elves were, by far, more adept at the arts of war, but the Zecharrím had the sheer numbers. Castor the Historian has estimated that the Elves faced a Pomarjan army of about 300,000. Then, in 1165 C.Y. (3660 E.R.), Humanoids from the Barrier Peaks made their way south and down through the Kron Hills. The force was of such a size that Afinron moved north and left only small companies of Elves to watch the southeastern border.   During this time, one Elven Captain, Aegloth Calmérrin, won several decisive victories and recaptured important keeps on the eastern shore of the Jewel River. It was his idea to lead a small band of spies into the Pomarj for guerrilla raids, and intelligence that eventually won the war.   In the North, Afinron’s contingent faced, not only the Zecharrím from the Barrier Peaks, but the [red] dragon Iilvùrinathe, as well. During the Battle of Faegroth, when the Zecharrím were pushed back into the Lortmils, the Dwarves of King Dolin from Harnia (the Dwarven mines in the Lortmil Mountains) entered the war and helped defeat the evil Northerners. Iilvùrinathe fled north, but returned the next year to renew his attack, this time on Enstad, the Elven capitol.   The Elven wizard, Thalos Col-Curast, destroyed the wyrm in a pitched battle in the mountains north of Enstad. After issuing his personal challenge to the dragon, the two met alone on what is now called Col-Curast é Brannon, the Cauldron of Col-Curast. The fight lasted a week, and on the twelfth hour of the seventh day, Col-Curast was near to death, and knew it to be so. Iilvùrinathe, too, was almost completely spent. In a last, dying, effort to kill the wizard, the dragon snapped his head forward, ready to devour the mage in his giant maw. This time Col-Curast did not evade; instead, he shattered his staff in the wyrm’s mouth. The explosion shook the mountain range and was seen from the city, thirty miles to the south. The molten rock that formed in the mountain’s cusp remains to this day.   Shortly thereafter, in the summer of 1167 C.Y. (3662 E.R.), the last of the Zecharrím were forced out of Celene (or killed), and the Elves regained full control of the forest and all the area around. More keeps were posted along both banks of the Jewel River, and Count Zeno, the enigmatic ruler of the mountain city of Zenn was given a broader area of land to defend.       ALSO KNOWN AS: The Susstern War [Humans], Curh Bhirat [Dwarves]


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