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Jorlak Blain

Dimmerslave of Ma'alfar Androth who currently commands Taer-Sabál, deep within the Arnor Forest, in Calize.

Jorlak was once the ranger, Galston Bourne. Galston was a 9th level ranger of the highlands of Calize and Somberwood. In TA 2487, Galston ran afoul of the dwimmerlaik during an expedition in the North Reach. In the ensuing fight, Galston fell and Jorlak rose in his place. Maâlfar’s evil magic twisted the ex-ranger’s love of nature and life into a sick perversion of itself. When, in TA 2652, the dwimmerlaik was driven from Calize by the Beldarian Council, Jorlak was defeated, but not destroyed. He remained behind, in the Dorath Mountains.

In TA 3186, Jorlak took up residence in the northern Arnor Forest to reestablish a foothold for his master in central Calize. Jorlak occupied Taer-Dirion and renamed it Taer-Sabál. In early TA 3187, Jorlak formed a tentative alliance with the Sindaeri. They provided him with slaves they captured during their raid on the forest towns the previous year, which he used, along with his Gor’Kresh servants, to rebuild and restore many portions of the tower. Among the slaves he obtained were Garl Cooperson’s nieces, Bethanna, Channon, and Isolde.

In early TA 3187, Garl and the Dillbrige mercenaries, Stebby Surehand and Bargo Brodálen, raided the tower and rescued Garl’s nieces and about half a dozen other slaves.

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