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From beyond the fields you know

A small, elegant, bladed weapon. A g'ral is shaped like an "S," with a handle between the curved blades. In skilled hands, it returns to its wielder when thrown.   The weapon is of ancient origin and is extremely rare in the Third Age. G'rals were created and used by the Valurians in the First and Second Ages and were famously wielded at the Battle of Valuria. One was brought back to Oerth (Greyhawk) by Llyrren Steelhart.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The blades fold into the handle and can -- carefully, and with great skill -- be sprung open with a flick of the wrist.   In the hands of an expert, the g'ral returns to its wielder like a boomarang if it is not significantly hampered or struck during flight, but it generally requires a  b'giran to catch safely.


Linked to Pip Garthyk
unique (Oerth) very rare (Arn)


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