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Beldar of Bronwyn (BELL-dar uhv BRON-win)

Shulite priest and Caldanni lord who restored human (Cardane) rule to Calize in the Third Age, and ended the Caldanni Interregnum .

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Beldar was the legendary Earl of Bronwyn, a full Caldanni Lord, who lived during the Caldanni Interregnum. He inspired the people to rise against the evil Caldanni in power and helped restore human rule to Calize. After his death in TA 2862 (age 63), the Ecclesiastical Council canonized him as Saint Beldar, Patron Saint of Caldanni magic and the defender of humankind.   In TA 2886, the great Caldanni persecutions began. The Council of Mürin declared all things arcane to be blasphemous and anathema. They stripped Beldar of his sainthood and vilified him until his name became synonymous with Evil. All the horrors and atrocities that took place during the Interregnum and the preceding years were attributed to Beldar. Eventually, people rarely spoke of him, except to curse him. Things have calmed down a bit recently, but legends persist and fuel the caution and distrust of the people. Some say Beldar didn’t die in TA 2862, but went into hiding. Also known as Saint Beldar and Saint Beldar of Bronwyn.
Lawful Good


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