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Dunain Mountains

The Dunain Mountains are comprised of two strings of mountains that border the north of Armadia proper. The mountains have been there time immemorial, however it is believed they were created during a great upheaval, possibly during the Crystalline Event, though this concept is contentious with historians and geologists alike.


The Dunain Mountains are classified as fold mountains, and they are aligned with what the pathfinders of Armadia have come to call the Great Armadian Fault. It is thought that they resulted due to the collision of tectonic plates beneath Armadia's crust.


The ecosystem within the Dunain Mountains cycles annually and is dependent on whether the area is in its warm season (summer) or its cool season (winter).    During summer, the area is covered with greenery; given the area is not a tropical one, the mountaintops typically have small growth, from moss and grasses to small hardy ferns, while those areas farther down the mountains are lush with trees and larger ferns.   During winter, the scenery changes drastically and almost everything is covered in snow. There are some areas where the snow does not lay thick, and it is these areas where the local dragonkind roost.   Primarily the only creature that lives in the Dunain Mountains is the local dragon population who flourish in the inhospitable zone. In Summer the area is quite cold and unpleasant to most, but the native dragon population love it due to their heightened body temperatures.

Localized Phenomena

The mountains retain an inner warmth, though this comes from an unknown source. There are no volcanoes in the area, though there is volcanic activity under the surface, this energy is harnessed and utilised by the Dwarven residents of the city held within the mountains themselves (Dunain). There is not enough volcanic activity to keep the entire mountain range warm, particularly during the winter months when it snows. This has been thoroughly researched by many, including those from other parts of Armadia proper, however a reason has never been found.

Natural Resources

The Dunain Mountains are a rich source of natural stone used to create many of Armadia's northern cities. These stones are traditionally mined from the mountains, along with gems and metals, and are then trasported to Ostara. Marble stone is often transported to Bella Detaya, and though the frequency of this is unknown, the city there continues to grow at a slow pace.


Because of the mountains' draconic guardians, few people enter the area, even with a dwarven guide. Some researchers, however, have been allowed to enter the Dunain Mountains with draconic permission, and so the northern variant of dragon is much better recorded than their eastern counterparts.

Related Ethnicities

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