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Dunain City

Known Leader: None?   Architectural Description:
  • Cavernous city built deep within the mountains, and is built entirely of a very boring grey stone.
  • The City of Dunain spreads the length of the Dunain Mountains, deep beneath the surface. There are few entrances.
  • Dwarves
  • Dragons
  Approximate Population:
  • Dwarves – 60,000
  • Dragons – Approximately 50
  Historical Importance:
  • Originally this mountainous area was owned entirely by Dragons, the waters to the north were their breeding grounds for the Nagi, their viscious offspring.
  • The Dwarves do not share their history, nor do they waste their time writing it down. As a result there is no way of knowing where they originally hailed from.
  Places of Interest: ?   Other Key Events That Happened Here: During the Great War, Hunter captured many Dragon young from the mountain tops of Dunain, and threatened to kill them should the Dwarves not assist in the fight against the Crown. Despite not wanting to take part in the fight they were given no option.   Other Notes: The dwarves, though they live below ground, do not deal with metal, though they do mine it and export it to other areas of Armadia. The Dwarves, being an extraordinarily old but friendly and wise race, assisted the Dragons with their young, including rearing Mountain Riki (a cross between cows and mountain goats) to feed to the young lords-of-the-sky. People are always welcome within the confines of the city, if they are lucky enough to find their way in however ascending the mountain tops spells death for any who dare. Prior to the Great War the Dwarves worshipped the Dragons and loved them as Gods and family. Hunter stole the Nagi, imprisoning them. Nagi are rare and treasured by the Dwarves. Given no other option but to fight, it was the presence of the Dwarves that caused the Crown to lose the war.
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