Summer Cycle, 646 AE

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Arikos. It was supposed to be our salvation. It was supposed to be a land where we could start anew, leaving our shattered homeworld behind us. At first, everything went well. The terraforming, the establishment of biomes, the flora and fauna generation; it all went so well. The first sign of trouble was ignored. One of the colony vessels was forced to do an emergency landfall, crashing into the southernmost subcontinent. Our ancestors thought it was fine though, the systems were old, and the landfall was due soon anyways. We should have paid attention to the portents, but we were too excited for our new home.   Arikos. It was good, once. The landfall went well, as did the construction of facilities both on Arikos and on its twin moons, Zikas and Rias. Settlements became towns, then cities, and eventually we shut down the old generator plants, the scientists of the day believing that we had achieved equilibrium. For centuries, we prospered and peace reigned. Then the changes started. Animals and plants mutated into new, hostile forms. People began to exhibit strange powers, and where some remained sound in mind and body, other transformed into monstrous creatures. We did not know it, but we were on the cusp of a dark age.   Arikos. It turned on us. Soon only the brave or the foolish lived outside our citadel like arcology cities. Even the moons reported strange goings on. Our spiritual leaders and the mediums warned of something travelling through the galaxy, a great corrupting force. Then, without warning, the Aegis Barriers of all our cities activated. We were sealed inside as the chaos swept our new homeworld. One by one, our links to the other cities were severed. First the orbital stations, then the moon bases, then one by one, the other cities all went dark, their shields failing. Our shields only stood because of the actions of Djan Alos, a scientist and psi-talent who modified them against the will of the Council. She saved us all, and that was fifty years ago.   Arikos. It waits. Twenty years ago, the corrupting force that had swept our galaxy disappeared and out Aegis Barrier fell. Arikos is not the world we left. Strange things happened while we were sealed away, and the world has become a dangerous place populated by machines, beasts, and peoples we have no knowledge of. So now we move forwards, to see this new world!
Welcome to Explorers of Arikos!