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A world full of adventure and magic, Aresia lies in the vast multiverse of Arsaros. It is made up of three main continents. The largest and most populated of the three is Erethil, in the west of the world. Southeast of Erethil is Tazos, a small continent covered in jungles and swamps. In the northeast is Leara, a large group of tropical islands. These continents are home to many races and species, the most prominent of which are Humans and Dwarves.

Where To Start

If you are new to World Anvil or want to start exploring this world, you should just jump right in! All the articles are organized in the world codex in the bottom left. You can also search for them with the search bar in the top left. You can see the maps of the world in the bottom right and in the middle is the recent articles section, if you want to read what I've been working on recently. I also have a discord server if you want to join.