Enarin is the northernmost coastal province of Mordikhaan and it has been ruled by the Vahd family for the past two hundred years. The current Knight Commander of Enarin is Ariston Vahd, a vain and superficial young noble who longs for recognition and status. The centre of economic and political life in Enarin is the fortress of Yenarinvahl, one of the few grand stone structures in the north. It was built by the Oberek people who lived in the north long before the Sundering and the arrival of the Khul. The tribal elders have always maintained that Yenarinvahl was founded on an earlier, much older structure.   Living standards across Enarin, as with so much of Mordikhaan, are low. The long coastlines and the ability of Mordikhaani fisher folk to make a living from the waters ensures that there is little chance of actual starvation, but the lands are impoverished for several reasons.   It is thought that the Khul used plagues and crop blights to make the people of Mordikhaan dependent on her for survival. Even though she has not been seen for forty years, the lands have not recovered and grain barns are painfully empty.   In addition to Yenarinvahl, there are three main centres of power in the province and a network of small towns and hamlets. Every small settlement or outpost or hamlet is fortified against roving bands of bandits and masterless soldiers. There are other fears that haunt the darkest dreams of those Mordikhaani doomed to live scratching a living from the soil, however, including the Khul's dread torturers the Thartans.   The Khul's most powerful and terrifying servants, the four Norns have not been seen for forty years along with their master. However, the corruption that they breathed into the dark and wild forests and hills gave life to all manner of nameless horrors that stalk the land. It is this monstrousness that the people of Mordikhaan seek to protect themselves from.  


  The castle of Yenarinvahl is built close to the Urengin Bay, giving the Vahd family access to the open sea. The main naval power in Mordikhaan is located at Raghrim, but the Vahd are able to put at least a dozen ships to sail if they need to. There is some degree of trade along the rocky northern coastline of Aestis, and to the east the fiefdoms of the Arcish nobility cast out of Arc with the rise of the Protectors can be accessed by ship from Yenarinvahl. Over two thousand miles to the east is the kingdom of Ghotharand.   The Vahd family live in comparative luxury, though their wealth and the riches of the rest of the Mordikhaani ruling class is as nothing compared to their social equivalents in the Arclands. Ariston Vahd's stewardship of the family wealth has been nothing short of disastrous since his uncle died in a suspicious hunting accident and the seat of Enarin passed to his nephew. Ariston's mother, Lady Hawreth Vahd and his sister Deresa look upon the Knight Commander with barely concealed despair, as every decision brings new setbacks for the dynasty. Some of the closest advisors to Lady Hawreth have begun to strongly suggest that her son be removed from his position, a decision that would involve his assassination.   Most of this is lost of the ordinary people of Yenarinvahl and the town of Khorval which sits beneath the castle. There are a mixture of free Mordikhaani and captives who live and toil at the castle and in the town. The captives are those who have been taken prisoner in Mordikhaan (normally kidnapped on the high seas or shipwrecked in Mordikhaan's shores), and who have managed to avoid mutilation at the hands of the Thartans.   For most Enarians, surviving from day to day is far more important than any understanding of the complex dramas of their rulers. There is a deep and bitter cynicism towards the Knight Commanders of Mordikhaan, and a pervading pessimism that things can and will get worse. In the four decades since the Khul vanished, however, there has at lease been some relief that the horrors she and the monstrous Norns inflicted on Mordikhaan have abated.  


  Lokharo is a town situated near the Calvar, a ridge full of coal and iron ore, making its the only viable forge town in Enarin. Lokharo is the Vahd family's most prized posession, it is here that their small militia can be armed from but it is also Lokharo that creates the swords and armour for the other provinces and their armies. Lokharo is, more than anything else, a valuable source of revenue for Enarin and one that is eyed greedily by other Knight Commanders such as Caston Cleargh.  


  Unavan is a farming settlement that has been razed to the ground at least twice in the past century. In Mordikhaan, hunger is a weapon and the easiest way to bring the enemies of the realm to heel (normally the poor and desperate), is to starve them. To this end, when the Khul needed to show that dissent was futile and needed to break those who dared to speak out against her she destroyed settlements like Unavan. The people of Unavan themselves have had an independent and rebellious streak, knowing that they had grain surpluses to fall back on. It was precisely this kind of free thinking that led to their lands being devastated and their people put to the sword. Slowly Unavan is rebuilding itself after the last destruction by the current Lord High Steward Santaris Sendus two decades earlier.   For more on Enarin, read our debut online novel A Fire in the Heart of Knowing

A Fire in the Heart of Knowing

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Notable Locations


Torren's Reach

  Torren's Reach is situated along the rocky coast of Enarin, a land of wild forests, ancient ruins, and mysterious magic. The village is nestled within a natural harbor, providing protection from the fierce storms that often batter the coastline. To the east lies the vast ocean, while the imposing Yenarinvahl mountains stand sentinel to the west. The village is accessible by a single winding path that meanders through the foothills, connecting it to the wider world.  


  Established centuries ago by a group of seafaring explorers, Torren's Reach began as a humble settlement to support their fishing endeavors. Over time, the village grew, attracting not only fishermen but also merchants and craftsmen. The lighthouse, built from ancient stones sourced from the Yenarinvahl mountains, became the village's symbol and protector. Locals believe that the lighthouse's beacon wards off evil spirits and sea monsters that dwell in the ocean depths. The village has largely remained isolated and self-sufficient, relying on its fishing and seaweed harvesting industries to sustain itself.  

Notable Locals:

  Captain Alaric Stormwarden: A seasoned sailor and the village's unofficial leader, Captain Alaric is known for his extensive knowledge of the surrounding seas and his ability to navigate through the most treacherous waters. He is revered for his skill in battling sea monsters and can provide valuable information to adventurers seeking to explore the ocean's mysteries.   Faela 'Seawitch': An enigmatic figure who lives on the outskirts of the village, Faela is rumored to possess powerful magic connected to the sea. She is both feared and respected by the villagers, who occasionally seek her out for her unique potions and charms. Faela may offer assistance to adventurers      

Skaadir: Monastery of the Silent Vigil:

  The Monastery of the Silent Vigil is hidden deep within the dense forests of Enarin, far from the bustling cities and towns. Surrounded by towering trees, the monastery is concealed from view, only accessible by a barely discernible, winding path. The area is shrouded in a perpetual mist, adding to the sense of seclusion and mystery. The forest is teeming with magical creatures, some friendly and others hostile, making the journey to the monastery a treacherous one.  


  Established many centuries before the arrival of the Khul by a group of devout Mendicants, the Monastery of the Silent Vigil was built as a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual enlightenment through silence and contemplation. Over time, the monks discovered an ancient library of forbidden texts and scrolls hidden deep within the monastery's stone walls. This discovery led to the order's deeper understanding of ancient rituals and the hidden forces that influence the world.  

Notable Locals:

  Fra Edelin: As the elder monk and spiritual leader of the order, Brother Eamon is known for his deep wisdom and understanding of the ancient texts. Having taken a vow of silence, he communicates with others using sign language or by writing in the monastery's unique script. He can provide guidance and insights to adventurers seeking to unravel the mysteries of the ancient scrolls and rituals.   Sister Kayle: A young, enigmatic nun who joined the order after a prophetic vision led her to the monastery, Sister Elara has developed an uncanny ability to peer into the future. Her cryptic visions have led her to help adventurers navigate dangerous paths and avoid potential disasters. However, she requires a significant offering in return for her services.  

Possible Adventures:

  The Stolen Scroll: An ancient scroll containing the secrets of a powerful ritual has been stolen from the monastery's library. The monks believe that the thief seeks to use the ritual for nefarious purposes and must be stopped. The adventurers are tasked with tracking down the thief and recovering the scroll before the ritual can be performed.   The Forest's Heart: The forest surrounding the monastery has become corrupted by a dark force, causing the creatures within to become hostile and the land to wither. The monks believe that an artifact hidden within the forest's heart holds the key to purifying the corruption. The adventurers must navigate the treacherous forest, defeat the corrupted creatures, and recover the artifact to restore balance to the land.


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